Mechanical Estimating Manual - Sheet Metal, Piping and Plumbing

Author(s)                 Joseph D'Amelio
Publisher Fairmont Press
Sate 2006
Pages 305
Format pdf
Size 4.4 Mb

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   This useful manual was specifically released to present, in a reasonable practical and very clear manner, a really indispensable information resource to be used by the estimators as well a the owners/contractors who are directly involved with estimation of the mechanical costs on different construction projects, including comprehensive technical information, graphs and formulas, and charts. The publication covers all relevant time-proven and effective procedures together with the established methodologies, offering its readers a broad range of the readily available forms, real-life examples and detailed guidelines to estimation. The readers will learn from the world leading experts how to produce the correct, accurate, quick and easy estimates of the sheet metals, plumbing and piping. This publication is also expected to be of great value to mechanics and constructors, general contractors and engineers when used for scheduling of their activities, cost accounting and control, plus all associated aspects of the mechanical engineering - they will be given literally everything they need to estimate/bid the projects, including the background info showing where exactly the estimating numbers are coming from, and for sure knowing this all is very important. Subject information includes the correction factor tables which are easy to find and to understand.

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