Men and Ships

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   The U.S. Merchant Marine Fleet consists of civilian owned merchant ships, operated by either the private sector of the government and engaged in commerce or transportation of goods/services in the navigable waters of the United States of America as well as out of them. This Fleet is responsible for transporting passengers and cargo during peace time, and during the war, it serves as an auxiliary to the Navy Fleet, and can be called upon to deliver supplies and trops military. Merchant mariners transport passengers and cargo cargo both within the U.S. and between nations, maintain and operate deep sea merchant ships, ferries, towboats, dredges, and any other ocean ships navigating oceans, the Great Lakes, harbors, canals, rivers and all other waterways. As of 2006, the U.S. Merchant Fleet had 465 ships with about 100,000 members. The present historican introductory video film has been taken from Periscope Film LLC archive. It was presented by the United States Maritime Commission.

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