Metal Failures - Mechanisms, Analysis, Prevention

Author(s) Arthur McEvily
Publisher Wiley
Date 2013
Pages 506
Format pdf
Size 10 Mb







Here is a really comprehensive publication covering all issues relating to the metal failures; the whole content of this volume has been significantly updated in order to keep it fully in line with all latest developments in this field and all ongoing industry trends. This publication has already become one of the classic engineering resources recognized for the authoritative and concise treatment of the metal failure mechanisms and methods of examination commonly utilized for the determination of the reasons.

This second edition of the volume features the complete coverage of all relevant topics including plastic deformation and localized necking, fatigue and crack, elastic behavior of the materials, staircase method, tensors and their notations, alloys etc. Among the analytical methods addressed within this volume there are fracture mechanics, stress and fatigue analysis, NDT and corrosion science. Numerous real-life case studies have also been included to demonstrate the application of the fundamental principles of metallurgy and failure analysis to the so broad range of situations.

There are also many problems and their solutions which have been included with the intention to fill the gap existing there between the theory and its practical application. The readers will learn how to conduct the investigation and analysis of the failures using the effective methods all described in this book.

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