Observing Handbook No. 1 - Marine Surface Weather Observations

Author(s)                 Marine Surface Weather Observations
Publisher National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration
Date 2010
Pages 150
Format pdf
Size 12.4 Mb

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   The initial purpose of the authors of the present edition of the NWS Observing Handbook No. 1 was to provide the interested readers with the maximum amount of the useful information. We know that the weather does have the nearly magical hold on the mariners and any change in the weather is always noted with some sense of trepidation. That is why reporting weather is considered critically important for the safety of mariners and it also forms a part of the knowledge. The present book has four chapters - program description, ship's synoptic code and observing methods, transmitting the weather observation, the weatherwise marines. Apart from that, the Glossary is included describing the terminology used throughout the publication. The material is supplemented with three appendices addressing observing forms and supplies, conversion factors and equivalents, and interpretation of weather map symbols. The publication has been presented in the "field guide" format allowing for easy handling and use as quick reference tool. The authors who have compiled the document hoped that the material included in the volume would simplify the work of the readers in the field of weather observation. It is very easy to locate the info you are looking for in this book.

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