Ocean Life - Whales, Fish, and Other Sea Creatures

Author(s)                 Kathleen M. Hollenbeck
Publisher Scholastic
Date 2002
Pages 49
Format pdf
Size 12.9 Mb

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   Children and adults alike are drawn to the presence and power of the sea. Crashing waves» changing tides, and the endless expanse of sparkling water evoke emotions of awe» wonder» and excitement in even the youngest of hearts. Like the waters they live in, animals of the sea attract attention as well. Personifying grace under pressure, sea animals swim, scuttle, fly» and leap in and out of the water, carrying on their lives amid the thundering crash of waves or in the silence of their homes beneath the sea. This book is designed to help you delve into the saltwater world. As you teach your students about sea mammals, fish, reptiles, birds, and invertebrates (animals without backbones), you'll shed light on a vast and intriguing population. You'll build bridges from curiosity to knowledge, giving children a solid base of wisdom they can count on every time they set foot in an aquarium or carry on a discussion about life in the sea. Through hands-on activities, games, and discussions, your students will learn to differentiate between mammals and reptiles» invertebrates and fish. They'll look beyond the surface and realize that ocean waters are teeming with life, and that each bit of life is one part of a food chain. They will learn about the need for gills and fins and the benefits salty waters offer to the creatures that live there. In short, your students will begin to understand the nature of life in the sea.

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