The Largest Oil Rig in The World

   Off the shores of the Gulf of Mexico engineers are building a technological masterpiece called Perdido. Forty-five thousand tons of steel will be transformed into the most advanced oil rig in the world - a giant in the extreme world of offshore engineering. End of August 2008 - today is the big day for the builders of Perdido. They are moving the bottom half of their oil rig from the construction dock in Texas out into the ocean. Eighteen thousand tons of metal will travel for three hundred kilometres into the Gulf of Mexico. Here it will form the base for the state-of-the-art floating oil rig that will tap into three newly discovered oil fields. Perdido is expected to produce enough oil every day to fill up the 150000 cars with petrol...

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Running and Landing BOP in Offshore Drilling

   A new video lesson showing the basics of the running and landing BOPs offshore. This 20-minute video will be helpful to people working offshore and involved in the above stated operations. Generally, the blowout preventer is huge valve that is installed in stacks in order to seal, monitor and control oil or gas wells. They are developed to cope with the extreme pressures and formation kicks that emanate from a well reservoir in the course of the drilling operations. BOPs are extremely important for the safe drilling so the drilling team members must have a clear understanding of all operations with the subject equipment.

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Offshore Platform Installation - Deck Installation

   A short but very interesting animation showing the process of the deck installation on the offshore platform starting with the cargo barge approaching alongside, deck rig-up and cutting the sea fastening, lifting the deck, installation of the deck, removal of the lifting pad-eyes, followed by bridge installation...

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Super Rig - Troll A Gas Platform

   Here is another very interesting video related to the offshore industry. This film is about the Troll A gas platform which operates in the Troll gas field located off the Norway's west coast. This is the unique offshore platform as it is the tallest offshore structure that has ever been moved from one location to another. That project was one of the most complex engineering project of all times. The platform was towed over two hundred kms from Vats to the Troll gas field and the whole process took seven days...

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Super Rigs - EVA-4000 & Spar Platform

   A floating steel island, twenty-three storeys tall, operating in water five thousand feet deep, drilling six miles into the earth... This is the engineering marvel that satisfies the world's urge for fuel. It is thirty million pounds of men and machine. But when a monster hurricane pounds through the Gulf knocking out rigs, shutting down the quarter of US oil production, it is up to this crew to get the huge machine back out to sea...

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Mooring System Instalation and SSDU Installation into Pre-laid Mooring Systems
   This short animation describes the process of mooring system installation and semi-submersible drilling rig installation into pre-laid mooring systems and will be very useful for people working on offshore supply/support vessels, tugboats, anchor handlers, SSDU and anyone in offshore industry who is involved in subject activities. You will have a general idea of mooring the semis and see "how it works".
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Floating Production Storage and Offshore Loading Vessel 3D Industrial Animation
   This is the animation on the floating production storage and offshore loading vessel. It can be use for training purposes. This video shows the loading process on the FPSO.

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Maersk Drilling high efficiency jack-up rig - Maersk Resolute
   Welcome on board Maersk high efficiency jack-up rig. Four identical units were delivered to Maersk Drilling from 2008 to 2009 from Keppel FELS shipyard in Singapore. In a design of the rigs, special attention was given to the increased efficiency and logistics, and to create a safe working environment. The rigs can operate year around at water depths of up to 350 feet...
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