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Aquatecture - Architecture and Water

   The relationships existing between the structures to their surroundings are considered basic and fundamental to the design cohesion and to the applicable engineering requirements. Anthony Wilson, who is the author of the present volume, has tried to study the architecture from the historical background and has also paid attention to the modern viewpoints. The opening chapter of this volume is mainly examining the general historical context together with all relevant cultural aspects of the water element. The main body of the document consists of several chapters addressing the urban waterfront, and the interface between the urban life and coast/river and water environment in cases of conscious resort, plus water techniques for the achievement of the required visual and physical effects. Numerous examples are supplementing the text part of this book and show the water spaces where the water element is deservedly considered fundamental to the general design. We all know that water provides a foundation for the human existence; however, it is really important to fully understand that a water is also a source of aesthetic pleasure, symbolism, and also therapeutic value, giving the expression to the moods of the nature and providing required substance to the seasonal changes, fashioning the landscapes...

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Advances in Coastal Modeling

   The present volume is intended to unify and enhance the accessibility of the modern scholarly researches relating to the advances in the field of coastal modeling. A wide spectrum of the innovative models is addressing the whole diversity and all different aspects of these researches together with the dynamics and responses of the coastal systems and subsystems. The chapters of the book have been prepared by the coastal experts from different countries in order to provide readers with the valuable technical insights of the developments and contemporary knowledge of the models considered essential for proper understanding and prediction of the dynamics. Among the features of the present publication we would underline the encompassing and very impressive presentation of the operational/functional models for all people with the interest in professional modeling of the oceans, seas and coasts. The content of the volume also includes the chapters focusing on the shore lines and beaches modeling, in addition to the dynamic processes of waves and flows, currents and transport of sediments. The main scope of the publication has been strengthened with supplementary chapters that concentrate of the major effects that the coastal structures have on the near-shore flows, coastal pollution and eco-modeling and other relevant information.

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shipboard petroleum surveys
   Take a time going through this nice practical guide released to explain and illustrate how the duly performed shipboard surveys can seriously reduce the risks of cargo shortages and contamination claims that commonly arise from loading/discharging of the crude oils plus various petroleum products. The authors of this booklet are recommending a broad range of both qualitative and quantitative recording/monitoring techniques proven effective; such techniques should assist in identification of the potential loss of cargo and contamination problems at their earliest stages and also to reduce the costs that are associated with the remedy. This guide has been specifically designed to be used together with the industry guidelines and different recognized standards, for examples ones issued by the API. The authors have also provided valuable advice on the avoidance of the errors in the course of the calibration of vessel. They have also given some recommendations relating to the shipboard operating and also logging procedures. All confusing terms and acronyms that are usually associated with the transportation of oil cargoes have been clearly explained. The publication has been prepared by Anthony Severn who is an internationally recognized expert on oil cargo claims commonly arising from the sea transportation and custody transfer of the crude oils and associated products. 

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Instant wind forecasting

   Here is a book prompting questions - and providing some answers - relating to the behaviors' of the wind in different situations. Note that it is not intended to cover absolutely all circumstances because of its limited volume, but the author of this publication still hopes that it will be very helpful to the readers who require a bit deeper insight into the subject that it is usually provided by the official weather forecasts. It is not actually a sort of textbook on the wind; however, some of the explanations have been provided in the book, but that is a minimum required to make the content of the publication understandable to all readers who may not be professionals. Such approach is expected to appeal to all people daunted by the long wind explanations. The book is a good choice for the average reader since it does not require them to possess any deep knowledge of the meteorology and associated terminology. This new release of the popular volume has been seriously updated with numerous informative images and data tables in comparison to the previous edition. There are several completely new chapters such as the one dedicated to the micro wind shifts or the winds that are considered specific to the Mediterranean region. Check this publication for the storm forecasting, as well.

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Technology and safety of marine systems

   This useful and practical work by Anand Pillay and Jin Wang was aimed to cater to a remarkably very broad range of interested readers, including experienced professional safety and operation engineers and design specialists particularly those working in both marine and offshore industries. The book may also serve as a useful thorough reference compilation of materials to the under- and postgraduate students of such disciplines as the marine technology, general-  and safety- and reliability engineering; the content of this volume for sure will be be beneficial for industrial researchers and academics. This title is intended to serve as a good start point for the newcomers to safety engineering and to the apprentices newly engaged in the use of risk analysis methods. The publication includes several useful sections briefly introducing the readers to the shipping scenes and setting the further mood through defining the rules and relevant regulations governing fishing and merchant vessels. Once all applicable safety requirements have been established, note there are numerous risk analysis and safety assessment instruments available to the readers have been highlighted. The methods described in this title are mainly based on the framework of the Formal Ship Safety Assessment, and they have all been demonstrated using numerous real-life practical examples.

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Instant storm forecasting

   Despite the title of this volume, it is not the one that would enable the readers to accomplish what the meteorological services scattered all around the world are struggling to do; the book has been rather designed to instantly forecast when exactly the storm is due. What the author of this publication, professional sailor and meteorologist Alan Watts, tried to do was point out the key factors that people should consider when the pro- forecasters have made their storm predictions - and sometimes even if the professionals have not. This volume brings the sky and science together and is full of very useful tips on how to properly determine what is coming. The book is very easy to use and is packed with numerous color images that perfectly illustrate various types of weather fronts and allow reader to understand what they would bring. The author has also included so many practical explanations and data table to make the theoretical text more understandable for the average user. The instructive images show the cloud formations and all other supplementary material has been added with the ultimate purpose to enable readers involved in outdoor activities assess their chances of being caught in a storm. Note that actually no other author of the forecasting-related texts uses the hands-on approach applied by Alan Watts. You may wish to have a look at this book on wind forecasting.

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Corrosion for Everybody

   It goes without saying that people never enjoy corrosion. The corrosion is commonly perceived as a very nasty phenomena with which people have to cope. The present comprehensive volume by Alec Groysman is aimed to clearly explained the corrosion to everybody and the author has made his best to present the explanation in a maximum lucid and interesting way. The content of the volume will be easily understandable even for the beginners and young engineers. However, the problem of corrosion has been addressed quite deeply and it means that the book will be of great professional interest even for the practicing engineers and scientists in this field. The author has used a fresh style of writing and explanation and covered such the important topics as oxygen solubility in water, reversible/irreversible potential, practical monitoring and control of pollution, iron and steel oxidation, humanitarian aspects and many others. The text part of the volume has been supplemented with numerous practical real-life examples of different corrosion phenomena. The corrosion has been explained in six big chapters starting from the corrosion mechanisms and its parameters, through the corrosion phenomena and types of corrosion. The publication would be recommended to all people willing to get a deeper insight in the corrosion types, associated mechanisms and preventative measures.

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Construction Databook - Construction Materials and Equipment

   We are offering you to have a glance at this thoroughly revised edition of maybe the most popular construction databook available today and providing the most up-to-date details on the construction materials plus all relevant equipment. This practical all-inclusive compendium is containing hundreds of the data tables and technical specifications together with the charts and very informative illustrations that cover literally all of the materials/equipment that are usually utilized at any work. The readers will find the easy-to-use and very practical information addressing the selection and application of the materials/equipment, dimensions of the construction components and valuable instructions of their installation, This new release also features the complete coverage of new details on the energy-saving options and also on sustainable materials. The publication is expected to be a perfect reference tool for all construction projects - it will help all readers to run any construction work in an efficient and economical manner. Among the topics covered within this volume there are the utilities and all equipment of the construction site, soils, the building envelope, soils, carpentry and framing, fire- and soundproofing. relevant mechanical systems plus the associated equipment, electrical installations and arrangements, plumbing, coverings and other valuable information.

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Modern Engineering Mathematics

   This perfectly compiled and really useful volume is actually intended to provide people with a course of engineering mathematics. No matter what field of engineering readers are actually studying, all of them will for sure require proper knowledge of math that is covered in this volume. The authors have applied a remarkably thorough approach putting the concepts into the engineering context to help readers get correct understanding of the relevance of math techniques shown in this book and also get full appreciation of drawing upon them throughout their studies. The main content of the volume has been arranged in thirteen chapters covering the general intro to both geometry and algebra, functions and complex numbers, vector and matrix algebra, discrete mathematics, sequences, limits and series, integration and differentiation, further calculus, ordinary differential equations as well as Fourier series and Laplace transforms, theory of probability plus data handling. All chapters have been supplemented with the practical review exercises for easier understanding of the subject. Some of the additional valuable info is there the appendices to the main part, covering the trigonometric identities and derivatives/integrals, and some useful results and standard integrals. 

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Intelligent Transportation Systems

   This is the second release of the title providing all interested readers with the valuablr practical guidelines on the proper and, of course, efficient utilization of available resources when designing the intelligent transportation systems. The author of this volume has made an excellent and successful attempt to explain everyone how exactly the functional design alternatives could meet the project objectives and all applicable requirements with the optimal cost effectiveness achieved and has also clarified the existing relation of the principles of planning of transportation and diversion of the traffic to the selection of the functional ITS devices as well as the equipment locations. The author has also provided working and proven methodologies for translation of the objectives to the functional devices, plus the determination of the densities of service deployment, selection of the location of CCTV equipment, and arrangement of the message signs and other important aspects. The readers of the volume will get the due understanding of the reduction of the recurrent congestion, improvement of the incident clearance time, etc. The author has also examined all latest developments in the associated vehicle technologies and also the exploration of their potential for the safety improvement, touching their energy efficiency and mobility. This resource will be greatly beneficial to all ITS managers and designers...

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Technical Drawing

   The present volume is mainly intended to serve as a reference book and class text in technical drawing. The content of the book includes numerous problems that cover literally every single phase of the subject; it is also constituting a full teaching unit. The authors have been encouraged in their initial aim by the extensive use of the text of this volume during the past several decades, and that aim was to prepare a tool which would be teaching the engineering language and to keep it duly updated with the latest developments. The original idea was to explain and illustrate each of the fundamental principles from the student's standpoint and to make the content interesting enough so that the students can read the book and study on their own initiatives. This fourth release of the book constitutes the thorough revision that the text did undergo. In fact, very small part of the original text and illustration has remained from the previous edition of the book. A huge number of new problems and informative illustrations have been added and hundreds of the old illustrations have been completely redrawn. The entire content of the book has been revised in order to duly reflect the latest recognized American Standards. Another improvement to the content is the adoption of a new format permitting the reproduction of illustrations larger for easier use.

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Chemistry and Physics of Mechanical Hardness

   One of the principal goals declared by the author of this volume was to establish the connection between the mechanical hardness numbers and the physics of the chemical bonds in quantitative and simple ways. In the past, this has not been achieved in the effective manner as the commonly involved atomic processes have not been properly an fully identified. Though it is still true for the cases of the complex atomic structures, the author of the title believes that the relatively simple prototype cases are duly understood today. It should be taken into consideration, however, that the associated mechanisms change with the types of the chemical bonding. And no universal chemical mechanism exists there to determine the mechanical hardness. The author has made an attempt to develop the proper understanding of the plastic deformation and hardness; this is definitely not a straightforward task as the literature sources covering this subject is still partly confused. The chapters of the volume cover the indentation and plastic deformation, covalent semiconductors and chemical bonding, transition metals, ionic and molecular crystals, glasses and polymers, chemical and hot hardness, simple alloys and metals, inter-metallic compounds, hard metals and "superhard" materials, actually everything one will require to be aware of...

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Mitigation of Hydrodynamic Resistance

   The text contained in this publication describes the state-of-the-art in the field of the friction and resistance reduction techniques for crafts and bodies that operate in liquids and under the free surface. The volume is expected to be very useful for the professionals with the relevant background, namely in fluid dynamics. The active resistance control includes a discussion specifically concerning the friction resistance, for instance via the injection of gas forming air layers and polymers initially residing adjacent to the hull, The publication is discussing the passive resistance control commonly achieved through the changes in the shape of the hull together with its appendages covering the application of different lifting bodies, as well as stern flaps and bulbous bows of the ships. The authors have also addressed the passive skin friction reduction through application of various special hull coatings plus other elements of the ship hull husbandry. The content of the volume will definitely be of great interest to the professionals including practicing engineers, specialists and researchers in various fields of tribology, fluid mechanics and mechanical engineering, as well as to the students of relevant disciplines. Note that the authors are the world leaders in the field of the drag reduction so one will definitely suggest that the book is worth time spent.

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Graphic Science - Engineering Drawing, Descriptive Geometry, Graphical Solutions

   From the very early times of hieroglyphic writing and up to the modern graphics, people have always understood the need to represent their thoughts and discoveries as well as the inventions in order to keep the other people informed. As the human civilization is becoming increasingly complex, its graphic representation which is paralleling both science and engineering is also becoming more complex. Graphics is definitely a lifeline for the engineers since is connects their thoughts, inventions and researches with the actualities coming as a result. In order to keep in line with all advances in engineering and sciences, graphics has always been and is still being refined in different ways. In the past, it emphasized the drawings as a communication language. The present textbook is going to promote the traditional conception. The text of the publication has been arranged in three major portions. The first portion deals with the engineering drawing together with the projection basics and communication, while the second portion addresses the descriptive geometry and solution of the various space problems. In turn, the third and last portion of the book covers the graphical solutions as well as the solutions of math problems presenting the particular interest to the practicing engineers.

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Pipeline Design & Construction - A Practical Approach

   Have a look in this new second release of the popular practical books on pipelines; its authors have thoroughly revised the whole content of the volume in order to include the updated info on the recognized standards and codes, practical solutions to the popular technical problems, additional sources of reference, and newly added clarifications to the existing text. Numerous corrections have been made to the formulas, texts. data tables and drawings. The publication will offer readers both practical and straightforward technique for design and construction of pipelines, making the volume a really ideal professional tool for reference and training. The authors have presented different elements making up a single-phase liquid/gas pipeline systems, covering such the important aspects as the commissioning and assessment of the pipelines and associated facilities. They have also paid particular attention to the transmission of gas and liquid, pumping arrangements, compression, integrity and protection of the pipelines as well as the project management. The team of authors has also given some proven math models and real life case studies, sketches and also clear technical descriptions of the pipeline systems. The book contains the practical approach commonly uses in the everyday construction processes for the oil and gas pipelines. The authors have reflected every step of the above stated processes.

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Principles of marine bioacoustics
   People have always been seriously fascinated by the marine life, starting from the smallest diatoms and up to the huge marine mammals inhabiting our planet, such as blue whales. It should be noted, however, that the process of studying of marine life is quite a difficult task taking into account the fact that the ocean environment is vast and also opaque to most of the instruments and it can also be considered a hostile environment in which the experiments and researches may be conducted. The use of the acoustics is a good practical way of the effective study of marine animal life. The advantage is that the acoustic energy propagates through the water much more efficiently than most of the other forms of energy and that is why it can easily be utilized by marine animals for various purposes and also by the scientists dealing with the study of their natural history and behavior. Understanding the behavior of marine animals has always involved zoologists and psychologists and the science of marine bioacoustics continues to be considered a diverse discipline which involves investigators from different backgrounds and with different skills and knowledge. The interdisciplinary nature of this science presents a serious challenge in preparing a single volume meaningful enough to the students and professionals with the interest in this field.

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Basic Coastal Engineering

   This is the third edition of the title, updated and fully revised, and completely rewritten with the aim to make numerous corrections and additions to the material and also to improve the already existing information. The book is mainly intended to serve as an introduction to the wave mechanics plus different coastal processes together with the basics underlining the currently establishes coastal engineering practices. The content of the document will be of great practical use for students and in fact everyone having some basic engineering background. The readers are not expected to have any fluid mechanics or math background. This classic publication is offering readers a well-rounded intro to coastal engineering. Note that it will present particular practical interest to the practicing engineers and scientists who did not have any formal study in this field but who are willing to get familiar with coastal engineering. The material included into the book is covering literally all coastal processes and this list includes mechanisms that are commonly causing changes to the beach profiles, beach equilibrium profiles, design and characteristics of the coastal entrances and wealth of other relevant information. A reference source for people wishing to understand the fundamental concepts in coastal engineering without going too deep in math.

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Navy Swimming and Water Survival - Instructors Manual

   The present manual has been developed by the NASC and officially released with the ultimate intention to serve as a guidance in meeting the requirements to teaching/testing the skills required for Navy swimming and also water survival. It has been designed to further promote the instructional plus testing standardization. The content of the manual is reflecting the modern methods and established instructional procedures together with the safety considerations all making this paper a useful reference source. Note that it is not aimed to contravene in any was the specialized aquatic techniques or applicable requirements that are set forth in the NETC documents. Among the topics covered within this manual there are the breath control t avoid the hyper-ventilation and water aspiration, tips on staying afloat and conservation of the energy as well as prevention of the exhaustion and support of head above the surface of the water when wearing different organizational equipment. The readers will find valuable instructions on efficient swimming and abandoning ships, underwater swimming including swimming in rough seas and through surface debris and burning oil. All skills and techniques contained in this document are applicable to teaching people how to properly cope with several unique aspects of sea survival...

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How To Grid Lathe Tool Cutter Bits

   A reproduction of the very rare classic manuals covering the techniques for grinding the high speed steels demonstrating proper angles and also providing readers with the information on correct set-up of different types of bits; it also shows the correct angles the bits on the lathe are to be set. Moreover, it contains necessary instructions relating to the set-up for the tool holders. For more than a century this volume has been serving as a valuable source of technical knowledge giving lots of helpful information which is quite often very difficult to find elsewhere. Cutting tools are there among the critically important instruments to be considered when machining the metal in the lathe. In order to perform the metal machining in an efficient and accurate manner, workers must have proper understanding of the main principles. The booklet contains the very latest shop practices for grinding different types of the cutter bits. In fact, cutter bit is exactly a part of the lathe tool cutting the metal that is required to be removed in order to bring the work to the size and shape that are desired. They are usually made of high-speed steels and commonly held in a holder. Note that this is professionally prepared electronic copy of the publication released in the very beginning of the last century.

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Encyclopedia of Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Cyclones

   This book was written to help all interested readers discover the whole exciting and ungovernable world of such weather phenomena as typhoons, hurricanes and cyclones. The history and science of cyclones around the planet have both considerably evolved since the first edition of this popular wnd world recognized publication was released about twenty years ago. Among the changes made to the content of this volume we would note the improved techniques for the forecasting, increased duration and intensity of the associated records and new naming systems. The book also features many serious updates and data on the recent cyclones, typhoons and hurricanes together with the loss and devastation caused by them. We all know how destructive and deadly they were. This is a completely revised and updated edition of the book containing many photos and illustrations, plus historical events, and other information. A generally excellent title giving readers a truly impressive amount of information related to the hurricanes as well as all related terminology using an encyclopedic layout allowing for the fast search. It is expected to be of great interest not only to a technical-related people but also to a general audience. The names of the individual storms have also been provided.

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Mechanical Drawing Problems

  The authors of this classic work have declared several purposes but the main and major was to provide all interested readers, and particularly students/teachers with enough comprehensive and practically useful compilation of different progressive problems which commonly embody the fundamental principles and also the real examples directly related to the practical mechanical drawing. All of those problems have been offered in the form of some specification sheets and, in addition to that, a lay-out sheet from which the students are supposed to build the completed drawing. The referenced specification sheets, in turn, are providing a statement of the problem; they are, in most cases, supplemented with some text matter that bear upon and emphasize the things to be taught in the problems, or providing some relevant technical information. The proper utilization of the proposed specifications plus the reference sheets is expected to facilitate the moving towards the creation of the necessary level of self-reliance and the personal efforts of the students. All of the problems chosen for inclusion into this publication have been fully supplemented and such approach has made the content of this volume very flexible. The reference sheets contained in the book are made use throughout all docs and will definitely be among the valuable features of this title.

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Mathematical Modelling and Numerical Simulation of Oil Pollution Problems

   The main content of this document book was prepared by the outstanding experts in the different important fields of marine engineering and fluid dynamics, applied maths, chemistry and physics, and compiled by Matthias Ehehardt; the contributions by the world-leading specialists included in this volume are providing readers with the thorough coverage of the remarkably broad range of relevant subjects, from the pure maths to the real life applications in the business directly connected with the oil spills engineering. The publication offers a really inter-disciplinary approach and the authors are presenting both numerical methods and mathematical models to solve the associated partial differential equations; moreover, note that the book contains the descriptions of the several practical experiments involving the real pollution cases. This work is deservedly expected to present a great practical interest to the specialists and researchers in the subject field as well as to the graduate students in various environmental sciences, physics and maths, demonstrating a very wide range of established techniques that are required for these pollution problems to be adequately solved. In addition, it should also be useful to the practitioners who are dealing with the prevention of the pollution by oil, offering such people a perfect reference tool to perform their professional duties.

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Recovery from the Indian Ocean Tsunami

   During the whole period of time following the tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean, many invaluable lessons have been taken and also several truly great challenges observed. The present publication contains the results of the attempts made to review all the lessons that have been learned through the recovery process in the area affected by that tsunami. The content of the publication has been divided in thirty-one chapters drawing the lessons from India, Thailand, Sri Lanka and Indonesia. The main body is arranged in five major section. The first section provides readers with the general introduction to the subject while fours other chapters are dealing with one of the above listed countries. The author, Rajib Shaw, considers the students and specialists whose work is directly connected with the reduction of disaster risks, environment and development as the primary target groups for this volume. The document will give all them a very good and clear idea of the modern trends in research as well as the lessons that have been learned over the past decades of recovery initiatives. There is one more target group for this book and it mainly comprises policy makers and practitioners commonly able to apply the knowledge they collect in this book to the establishment of the relevant policies and making the decisions.

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Advances in Coastal and Ocean Engineering

   Most of the planet's surface is covered by the ocean waters. Many of the important aspects of our day-to-day activities may easily be affected by the waves in one of another way. And sometimes the waves can result in disasters, such as the tsunami occurred in the Indian Ocean some years ago. This demonstrate how critical it is for the people to thoroughly understand the ocean waves paying particular attention to the large waves. One of the ways to get to this understanding is to conduct the numerical simulation on the basis of the non-linear theory. There have been several serious researches in this field in the past decades by the development of the different numerical methods and their application to the emerging problems; however, there has been no comprehensive volume that would reflect those advances. This book should bridge the subject gap. It consists of the eighteen self-contained chapters worked out by more than fifty professional authors from twelve different countries, with most of the authors being the world recognized experts in the field. The content of each chapter is mainly based on the researches conducted by the authors. Altogether the chapters of the book are dealing with the literally all numerical methods currently employed to the simulation of the non-linear water waves, covering most of the interesting and important applications.

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Ship Description - Description du Navire
   This is a large and very useful collection of chosen maritime terminology and popular acronyms/abbreviations presented in both English and French languages; the content of this book is supplemented with the numerous photographs, informative sketches and images. It will be very practical for everyone involved in shipping and shipbuilding or repair. The present publication is deservedly treated as maybe the best among the works available today for the accurate technical translation from English to French since it is covering the vast majority of the vessel's mechanisms, gears, parts of the hull and relevant working processes. The volume opens with a page demonstrating the main dimensions of the vessels and associated terms in two languages, followed by the part intended to depict the general arrangement plus the structure of the cargo ships. The next chapters have been dedicated to the development of the superstructures of cargo vessels, ship motion, design issues, tonnage, load lines, ship stability, freeboard and hull subdivision, all stages of shipbuilding starting from the preparation for bidding through shipyard trades and production facilities and up to the yard equipment used, welding matters and other important ship construction techniques. Long story short, it contains absolutely all terminology one will require to deal with any vessel. 

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