Phase Behaviour of Petroleum Reservoir Fluids

Author(s)                 Karel Schou Pedersen, Peter L. Christensen, Jawad Azeem Shaikh
Publisher CRC Press
Date 2014
Pages 465
Format pdf
Size 9 Mb

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   The techniques of oil and gas recovery are under constant development. This is followed by an increased demand to the accuracy of PVT simulation results. High quality simulation results are dependent on accurate fluid compositions and PVT data. We wanted to cover experimental procedures in more detail in the second edition than in the first edition, so we asked our colleague. Jawad Azeem Shaikh, to be a coauthor. Jawad has 12 years of experience from a commercial PVT laboratory, and his experience includes sampling, compositional analyses, and measurements of both routine and EOR PVT data. Chapters 2 and 3 provide a comprehensive review of experimental procedures used to provide compositional data and PVT data. The oil industry sees the PC-SAFT equation as a possible alternative or replacement of cubic equations. The PC-SAFT equation is introduced in Chapter 4, and Chapter 5 on fluid characterization includes a section on the characterization of the PC-SAFT equation. Chapter 7 shows simulation results for PVT data obtained with the PC-SAFT equation. Chapter 9 on regression has a section on how to recreate the original reservoir fluid composition from a depleted gas condensate reservoir fluid sample. Chapter 12 on asphaltenes includes a section on how to simulate the location of a possible asphaltene tar mat. We have, since the first edition was published, had the opportunity to analyze numerous EOR PVT data and have used this experience to make a thorough update of Chapter 15 on MMP calculations. All other chapters are updated with new data material and new references.

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