Practical Introduction to Pumping Technology


Uno Wahren
 Publisher Elsevier Science
 Date 1997
 Pages 208
 Format pdf
 Size 8.2 Mb

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We are offering you a very convenient and remarkably concise reference book released for all users of pumps as well as the application engineers, service and maintenance technicians, and buyers of the above mentioned equipment. The publication contains, in a very condensed form, huge amount of very valuable technical information on selected types of the centrifugal pumps and positive displacement pumps for given applications, creating the associated paperwork, choosing the best manufacturers of the equipment, and checking the correctness of the vendor data. The readers will find a complete description of those types of pumps together with the terns and technical parameters that are used in pump applications. In his publication the author, Uno Wahren, outlines all technical data usually required by the engineers, clients and buyers to obtain a correct and comprehensive quote. The book may definitely be treated as a basic yet complete guide to pumps providing the coverage of all technical aspects from specification to the installation and operation. The chapters of the book cover the parameters, calculations, data for specifying pumps, types of pump and their specifications, pump curves, vibration, shaft sealing, viscosity effect, bearings, metallurgy maters, pump drivers, gears and couplings, etc.

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