Principles of Naval Architecture Vol. 2

Author(s)                 Edward V. Lewis
Publisher Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers
Date 1988
Pages 327
Format pdf
Size 82 Mb

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   The second part of the set (here are Part 1 and Part 3). This books addresses the ship resistance, ship propulsion and ship vibration. The ship resistance-related chapter provides all necessary theoretical information of the resistance types, surface vessels and submerged objects, dimensional analysis, frictional and wave-making resistance, plus other resistance components, use of the models for determination of the hull resistance, presentation of the model resistance data, HSC and advanced marine vehicles, and relation of the ship hull form to its resistance. The propulsion-related chapter deals with the powering of vessels, propeller action theory, similitude law, self-propulsion tests, geometry of the screw propellers, interaction between ship's hull and propeller, cavitation, ducted propellers, various design matters, standardization trials and other devices for ship propulsion. Finally, the chapter covering the ship vibration provides the general information on the subject, covering the fundamental theoretical concepts, analysis and design issues including diesel engine and propeller excitation, applicable criteria and associated measurements, and other topics. The separate part of the volume has been dedicated to the nomenclature used throughout the book and in naval architecture, in general.

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