Rules for the Classification and Construction of High-Speed Craft

Author(s)                 RS
Publisher RS
Date 2013
Pages 72
Format pdf
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   These Rules developed and officially released by Russian register shall apply to passenger vessels regardless of their gross tonnage which don't proceed more than four hour distance from a place of refuge being fully loaded and at operational speed, to cargo vessels of more than 500 GT (eight hour distance, fully loaded, at operational speed), self-propelled vessels other than those specified above with total power output of the main engines being not less than 55 kW. The Rulebook starts with some general information, including conditions of safety and documentation, followed by chapters addressing the classification process, structure and strength of the hull, arrangements, equipment and outfitting of the high-speed crafts, stability, reserve of buoyancy and subdivision matters, fire protection arrangements, machinery and associated installations, hull systems and piping, boilers, heat exchangers and pressure vessels, electrical installations and equipment, refrigerating plants, construction materials, welding issues, ship automation, life-saving appliances, radio- and navigation equipment, means of signaling, i.e. literally everything related to the design, construction and safe operation of the high-speed crafts. 

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