RYA Sea Survival Handbook

 Author(s)                 Keith Colwell
 Publisher RYA
 Date 2008
 Pages 159
 Format pdf
 Size 44.9 Mb

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   Generally, boating is considered to be one of the safest leisure sporting activities. But, in any sport that pushes us to the edge of our abilities, there will always be a chance of injury or even an accident. We have to be properly prepared in order to be able to cope with such emergencies and get our chances of survival increased. The present handbook is essential for everyone taking the one-day Basic Sea Survival Courses by RYA or the two-day Offshore Safety Course by RYA/ISAF. Actually, it will be very valuable for anyone who intends to take his boat offshore. In this publications the following issues have been addressed: preparing for and handling heavy weather, buoyancy and lifejackets aids, Man overboard prevention, liferafts, raising the alarms, fire control, when to abandon the ship, first aid, survival in cold water, lifesaving signals, rescue etc.

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