sailors knots and splices

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This instructional video is for those wishing to know how to make ties, knots and splices. The sailor ropes commonly get made into the different lines hoisting and controlling the ship's sails, handing fenders outboard and, in general, used for so many other things on board.

However, these lines themselves are absolutely useless unless the sailor knows how exactly to work with the lines, and in particular how to attach them properly to the other objects. And that is where the knots are coming, being highly evolved instruments putting the ship's lines to work. In the present program the author is going to demonstrate you the most popular knots that all sailors need.

The instructions contained in the video are very easy to follow owing to the professionalism of the author, his experience and approach he used when preparing the content of the film. This all has gained so much of popularity to this video which is treated as a classical video-guide to all newcomers to the maritime world. We recommend you to have a close look and guarantee that you will like the process of learning how to make ties and making them yourself following the clear instructions.

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