Sea Power - The Coalition and Iraqi Navies

Author(s)                 Peter Gilchrist
Publisher Osprey Publishing Ltd.
Date 1991
Pages 65
Format pdf
Size 33.1 Mb

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   The content of this excellent and useful publication was specifically worked out by Peter Gilchrist who has made a very successful attempt to provide an expert's insight about the navy forces which were deployed in the Persian Gulf during the famous operation called "Desert Storm". We are all aware of the fact that one of the most critical aspects of the subject conflict was the sea war. The USA sent six carrier battle groups, battleships USS Wisconsin and USS Missouri and, in addition to the facilities mentioned above, numerous other navy vessels. The Royal Navy of the Great Britain, although with relatively smaller resources, was spectacularly successful against Iraqi ships. Australia, France and many other nations made their vital contributions. This books describes in details all ships together with their weapons systems and capabilities. Frigates, hovercraft, amphibious forces, mine hunters, destroyers, hospital evacuation and support vessels and the role of naval helicopters were also discussed in depth. It goes without saying that the content of the present publication will be greatly appreciated by all people with a serious interest in contemporary navy fleet. The information related to the vessel is supplemented with the illustration to allow interested readers have a full picture of what they are reading.

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