Seapath 200 Installation Manual

Author(s)                 Seatex
Publisher Seatex
Date 1998
Pages 101
Format pdf
Size 1.2 Mb

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   The present installation manual contains the info necessary to install the Seapath 200 on a vessel. The Seapath 200 is a precise heading, attitude and position sensor based on a sophisticated combination of DGPS carrier phase measurements and inertial sensor technology. To achieve the specified accuracy of the product the installation have to be properly done and the installation procedures in this manual have to be followed. This manual is organised into the following chapters: Chapter 1 - Introduction - A brief presentation of the Installation Manual with references and abbreviations. Chapter 2 - Specifications - Describes the physical dimensions, required power, environmental and cable specifications. Chapter 3 - Installation - Presents procedures to be followed for a typical ship installation with recommendations on location of the different parts, mechanical and electrical installation, and how to set up and calibrate the product. Chapter 4 - Installation Drawings - Contains outline drawings showing the mechanical dimensions of the different parts the Seapath 200 consist of.

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