SeaPower - Special Report - Surface Warfare

Author(s)                 SeaPower
Publisher Navy League of the United States
Date 2014
Pages 84
Format pdf
Size 7.2 Mb

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   The naval strategy of today has been merged with the general army strategy including the air and land warfare. It is constantly evolving, following the major changed in the world situation and the associated technologies are improving, accordingly. The present document contains a wealth of useful information for the people willing to be updated with all recent happenings in the field. The book starts with the description of both maritime policy and naval strategy together with the changes, followed by the marine technology companies fueling the maritime business. The next chapter is dedicated to the cybersecurity in the Navy achieved through the network consolidation. The evaluation and operational tests of the marine aviation have also been covered. The book also addresses the official regulations released by the recognized regulatory bodies, for example the IMO BWM, i.e. "Ballast Water Management" convention. In short, the content of this Special Report is dealing with all important aspects of the contemporary surface warfare and is therefore expected to be of great interest to the professionals in this industry; however, the content will also serve as a good guide to other readers as it has been compiled based on the valuable contributions provided by the world recognized specialists.

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