SELCO Generator Controls and Alarm Annunciators

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   The pack of files covering the generator control equipment and alarm annunciators produced by SELCO. It consists of eight major parts. The first part of the pack is introductory, while the others provide users with the general information on the products offered by the company, various technical manuals and software, examples on the application, informative slide shows, representations and contacts. The data sheets provided in the corresponding section of the pack shall be used to get to the product line of SELCO. The users just have to chose the subject they want to view and then the associated data sheets will be available there sorted by the product number. All data sheets are stored in pdf format making it very easy to open and use on any device. Same approach has been applied to the manuals - all you need is a pdf reader. Among the equipment dealt with thee are event loggers, indicator panels, engine controllers, process-loggers, hyper-terminals, programming kits, potentiometers, etc. The software items offered for installation are the Programmer for M3000, Process Logger, and M-Programmer. If you want to get a general overview of the company and products manufactured by SELCO, just click on the Company profile link...

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