Shield of Empire - The Royal Navy and Scotland

Author(s)                 Brian Lavery
Publisher Birlinn Publishers
Date 2007
Pages 510
Format pdf
Size 112 Mb

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   Here is another very popular book by Brian Lavery. The original intention of the author was to assist the readers searching for the information on the history of the British Royal Navy fleet. The topics that have been addressed in this publication are covering the naval operations held in Scotland, the Grand Fleet and it's bases, The Clyde Convoy base, naval training, sea power and the Jacobites, and others. Some notes on the material presented in the book and the index of ships are there in the last section. This is definitely a must-have publication for every naval historian as it breaks absolutely new ground in telling the interesting and real life stories of the naval campaign of the past, which have almost been undeservedly forgotten today. Quite a large part of the Navy was based in Scotland, for example the Grand Fleet based at Scapa Flow and Trident submarines based at Fastane - we are now talking about the periods of the world wars and also years after 1960. The vast majority of the British sailors of the World War Two were partly trained in Scotland. However, the author wants to underline that the Navy never felt "at home" in Scotland. This publication will tell readers about the times of the Royal Navy in Scotland.

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