Ship and Office on the Same Wavelength

Author(s)                 Seahealth
Publisher Seahealth
Date 2011
Pages 32
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   This book examines rhe relationship between globalization and environmental, safety, and labor standards in the context of the shipping industry. There are nearly as many definitions of globalization as there are scholars who write about it, but the most important aspect of globalization for the purposes of this study is the reduction of barriers (be they political or technical) to international economic activity. Goods move long distances, are assembled in one location from parts made in other locations, and may be used somewhere else altogether. Freer international trade, the reduced relative cost of transportation, and increasing economic integration make possible this global movement of goods, much of which happens on the oceans on ships. The shipping industry is among the most globalized of industries. By its very nature international shipping necessarily involves crossing between jurisdictions and traveling long distances in nonterritorial spaces. Shipowners can choose where to register their vessels and thereby choose the international and domestic regulations within which they operate. The labor market for ship workers is as global as any; shipowners can hire workers from anywhere in the world and there is often little connection between the nationality of a shipowner, the country of origin of those who work on the ship, and where the ship travels.

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