Ship Modeling Hints and Tips
Jason Craine
ARCO Publishing Company
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   The problem confronting the modeller is "What ship shall I make?" The number of different motives which bewilder many modellers in their choice of a subject is really amazing. Among sailors, love of ship and sentiment enter largely. Let me warn you, however, that sailors are, as a rule, very, very indifferent modellers. They usually rely upon a piece of dunnage wood, a few reels of cotton, some darning needles, sail needles, and the dregs from the paint pots. The war-time sailor, on the other hand, will probably tackle his first ship (dear to the eyes of any sailor is his first ship) in which he served. The quality of his craftsmanship will depend to some extent upon his civilian background, upon his aptitude and upon his character. This latter is more important than it might at first seem. In my opinion the very first requisite is some small bond of affection. You must have some liking for the ship you would like to model. After all it is a hobby, a labour of love. But this affection for some particular ship we roust examine more closely.

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