The present booklet is one of the items forming one of the best training programs on personal safety on board ships. Accompanied with the several training videos, it will provide trainees with virtually all information they shall know in order to ensure their own safety when working on a ship. The videos address the personal safety in the accommodation and in the galley, in the engine room and on deck, and also cover specific safety issues on bulk carriers and container vessels, tankers, chemical tankers and general cargo ships.

The shipboard accidents that commonly result in personal injuries cause pain to the humans and seriously disrupt the team for the period during which the injured team member will be recovering. They also lead to the additional costs incurred to the ship owners and operators, causing delays in operations.

Most of the incidents and accidents occurring at sea are directly or indirectly caused by human errors, such as the unsafe act or unsafe working conditions, or their combination. The idea of the developers of this training course is to raise the awareness of the crew members and all other people on board plus shore support personnel on the safety matters promoting the human safety on board every ship and in every compartment.

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This training set consists of two workbooks supplementing the associated videos First Aid Series Parts 1&2. It is the intention of the authors of this package to provide trainees with required assistance in getting proper knowledge of the first aid; note, however, that first aid also necessitates some practice and knowing only theory will not be enough. In fact, the content of this training program supplements the training required by STCW Convention.

Two booklets cover the elementary and medical first aid. Working on board ships can be very hazardous occupation; even if good safety procedures are established and implemented and even if all crew members are well trained, the illnesses and accidents may occur at any time. And it is obvious that in such cases the life of a person who suffered an illness or injury will mainly depend on the medical help provided in an emergency.

This is where due knowledge and practice of the first aid can mean the difference between human life and death. In the present workbooks the first aid is described - it contains information about everything the seafarers shall be aware of to be able to provide necessary assistance. The trainees will get a chance to familiarize themselves with managing emergency situations, resuscitation, AED, shock and choking and in fact every single aspect of providing first aid on board...

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The training booklet on the immersion suits. The authors of the document have provided detailed and easily understandable explanation of the importance of having all crew members duly trained in using immersion suits, when the suits shall be used, what are the main types of the suits and what their working principle is, when and how immersion suits shall be put on.

The content of the booklet also tells readers about using immersion suits in an emergency and provides the information and instructions on their storage and periodical maintenance. The publication also contains excerpts from the relevant regulatory documents and real life case studies of evacuations where people could not survive due to the lack of immersion suits or because of the poor training.

The main difference between lifejackets and immersion suits is that while lifejackets can only provide you with some buoyancy, immersion suits will help to save your life in cold water since they are originally designed to provide protection against the elements. The cover the whole human body except the face and don't let sea water in. They are commonly made of synthetic materials keeping the human body warm. We would also recommend you to watch the associated training video.

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We all know that there are so many hazards on board any vessel at sea; however, some of them are quite easy to avoid - these are the hazards of food poisoning. The provision of the crew members with safe food is considered one of the essential components that shall be in place to ensure that the people remain healthy; this, in turn, will eventually result in safe and efficient running of the vessel.

For the passenger ships like ferries and cruise ships, the food quality on board can become one of the reasons for the passengers to choose particular company's ships. Any person on board may be affected by the contamination of the food which is the result of poor food safety control measures. the consequences may be truly disastrous for both people and the company.

The present training booklet is accompanying an excellent video programme emphasizing the established good practices to be maintained on board any ship to ensure the well being of the crew members, passengers and visitors. This information will be useful not only to the crew members engaged in preparation/serving of the food but also to the senior management of the vessel who shall be fully aware of the associated hazards and be familiar with and follow the procedures to avoid them.

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The main purpose of this publication called BMP and forming a part of the Industry Best Management Practices series - is to provide all required assistance to the crew members and bridge teams of the ships engaged in the trade in the areas mentioned in the title and give them the information that would help them to avoid or delay possible piracy attacks off the Somalia coast plus in the Arabian Sea are and Gulf of Aden, or to deter them.

The application of the recommendations contained in this booklet will make a significant difference in prevention of the ship turning into a piracy victim. The extent to which the guidance provided in the pages of this volume is followed, will always have to be at the final discretion of the decision makers, i.e. Master and Ship Operator. Here is the list of topics covered: Somali Pirate Activity, Typical Pirate Attacks, Risk Assessment, Company Planning, Master's Planning, Implementing BMP, Voyage Planning, Self Protection Measures.

The readers will know what to do if a pirate attack is imminent, if boarded by maritime pirates, and in the Event of Military Action, Updating BMP, Post Incident Reporting. A definitely must have volume on board vessels undertaking voyages in those areas.

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The official OCIMF Code of Practice developed to provide the guidance for the countermeasures to be undertaken by the terminal operators as well as all other shore authorities against maritime piracy. The content of the guidebook helps to identify the actions considered most appropriate for each particular case.

The readers will find practical measures including both visible and organizational countermeasures and also contains a check sheet for the identification and implementation of the most appropriate responses to apprehend or at least deter maritime pirates.

Though the Code was originally aimed at the terminal operators being members of the OCIMF organization, it will also apply to all other operators and port authorities, coast guard and police officers - this list would actually include all persons engaged in such activities in one way or another and having a common aim to fight against maritime piracy and robbery.

They will find a good advice on how to overcome practical problems and get all required assistance in this compact but so comprehensive and useful publication, and get due understanding of the importance and necessity of the shore-based countermeasures..

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The present incident report was intended to highlight some of the critically important concerns over equipment and the availability on board of appropriate technical information and documentation; however, similar concerns still remain. During past several years there has been continued concern among the Membership of our organizations over the number of incidents that involve lifeboats.

One possible benefit from the earlier survey may well have been to make seafarers more aware of the inherent dangers of lifeboat launching and recovery procedures relative proportions of data shown in the charts are unaffected. we would definitely recommend every crew member sailing on the vessel with the lifeboat installed, to go through the content of this report very carefully.

Performed by the representatives of the world respected entities, this survey report will be good when used to raise the crew awareness in the subject area. the charts included by the compilers of the report demonstrate the proportions of the types of boats involved in the incidents, illustrate primary causes of the incidents, provide the breakdown of the incidents that are caused by the design faults and give some other valuable information.

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A very useful guidance prepared by the recognized experts of the industry. We know that the safety signs and used on board any vessel very extensively alerting crew of the potential hazards, leading them to the escape routes and providing other information that will be critical in case of emergency. They act as a sort of visual; illustration helping seafarers increase their safety awareness.

They can be of difference shapes and colors provided they have been acknowledged by the relevant regulatory bodies. Note that it is considered imperative to all seafarers to be able to perform correct identification of the safety signs and have thorough understanding of all of them on board, taking into account their importance. This booklet will be of use to the people having some difficulties in remembering the signs and shall be used as a compact yet absolutely comprehensive reference guide to the shipboard signs.

The symbols and signs included in the booklet have been categorized and provided with the explanation making it much easier for the crew members to understand and remember them. It is a must-have book for both crew members and shore personnel visiting vessels and required to participate in provision of the safety.

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