Every professional mariner will definitely agree that the sea is representing the environment it is extremely difficult for the human to survive. However, the maritime history shows great strides that have been taken by the marine technology in order to control and possibly reduce the associated risks. Although it is obvious that the oceans will always remain wild and very unpredictable, today's seafarers are not confronted by many of the hazards that used to present serious dangers to the mariners lives in the past, for example poor nutrition and diseases, rudimentary navigation methods endured by their ancestors.

Nowadays, they may immediately request aid and the reasonably expect of such help occurring nearly everywhere in the world. And, should the total loss of the ship occur, the seafarers have recourse to the same life-saving appliances and equipment as seafarers of old - the lifeboat. In the past, the lifeboats were considered the vessel's workhorse that was commonly used for ferrying personnel and various goods - of course, they were also utilized as an aid to navigation and propulsion should there be no wind, as a rescue boat for men over board and a means of survival when nothing else was available due to loss...

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The present publication was prepared by Videotel specialists and is mainly aimed to promote the safety of the pilot/accommodation ladder and gangway operations, assisting ship's deck officers and crew members directly involved in such operations with getting to the better and much more thorough understanding of the correct maintenance and operation procedures.

The main content of the document is arranged in the several sections - while the opening section provides introductory, the next one is devoted to the risk assessment to be conducted to each entry to port. The next section provides and analyses the most frequent causes of the incidents associated with the gangway and accommodation ladder operations.

The document provides all required practical guidance and checklists to use, addresses numerous relevant case studies including quotes from the applicable marine regulations. The ultimate aim of this training booklet is to improve the gangway and ladder operations and significantly raise the awareness of the crew members and deck officers familiarizing them with the maintenance techniques and correct procedures. An absolutely recommended training for all crew members and deck officers. Note that it should be supplemented by this training video film.

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Lifting heavy items is quite complicated and sometimes hazardous task even when carried out on land. On board vessels, taking into account added difficulties of space being limited, it is important that all precautions are taken in order to ensure the safety of personnel engaged in lifting activities. Though most lifting operations are done in ports, in addition to the above it is also necessary to make sure that the ship-to-ship transfers are carried out safety.

All persons operating lifting equipment shall possess thorough knowledge and understanding of the equipment in use and be aware of the technical limitations imposed on the machinery. The main intention of the author of the present guidebook is to show the correct procedures established to ensure the safest use of the lifting appliances on board ships, their maintenance and storage.

The booklet can be used for self-study or as part of the training program for crew members, who are all required to be thoroughly familiar with its content since the training and practical experience will eventually bring about required knowledge of planning and executing safe and efficient lifting operations with no hazard to the people engaged.

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The present report contains the results of the investigation following the VCM (vinyl chloride monomer) escape which occurred on board gas carrier Coral Acropora. Subject vessel was preparing to commence the discharge of the cargo into the shore tanks located approximately 3 kilometers from the berth.

Upon arrival, a cargo surveyor had preformed the calculation of the cargo quantity and asked the chief officer of the vessel to run a cargo pump in each of the tanks as the cargo samples were taken. However, the chief officer of Coral Acropora was not aware of the requirement for cargo sampling and had not made necessary arrangements. The decision was made by the chief officer to accede to the surveyor's request without including subject sampling operation in the ship's discharge plan. The aft tank valves were opened allowing the cargo recirculation.

After that, the chief officer run the aft tank pump through the local controls on tank top. The surveyor started to fill the cargo sample cylinder from the designated sampling point of the tanks. After several minutes, the cargo alarm sounded. The chief officer muted the alarm klaxon since he assumed that the alarm indicated tripping of the cargo pump; however, he could not know that for sure without checking in the cargo office...

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The present Guide was released to deal with the armed robbery against ship operating in the Asian region; it's content was prepared by ReCAAP ISC in co-operation with the ASF, IFC, OCIMF, SSA, IFC and INTERTANKO trying to provide required assistance to the ship owners and masters, crew members and ship agents, as well as all other people considered responsible for the safe operation of the vessel.

The book starts with the chapter describing the historical development of the co-operation in the Black Sea region. The rest of the chapter are devoted to the state of the Black Sea, it's marine biological diversity, governance of the sustainable fisheries in the subject region, vessel source pollution plus various offshore activities taking place in the Black Sea, and many other important aspects.

In short, the publication provides all necessary information covering the subject and may be recommended to the governmental authority officers, state inspectors, ship owners and all other persons engaged in the shipping activities in this region.

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The marine ports are considered the most critical components of the worldwide transportation infrastructure; however, they have never been covered with a really comprehensive security oversight and governmental regulation.

The intention of this volume is to provide the industry with some introduction and also provide required support guidelines to be used for the management of the port security.

Taking into account all complexities of the homeland security strategies, the publication is aimed at those shipping industry specialists and students who are normally responsibilities or interested in provision of the security of the maritime infrastructure, including port facilities.

The volume gives some introduction to the security management, tells readers about the most serious security challenges, risk management activities, personnel and facility security issues, cargo handling operations, intelligence and access controls, safety management, emergency management, security force management and many other topics considered important enough for inclusion into this publication. There is a short glossary of terminology and a comprehensive list of useful organizational resources supplementing the main text.

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The content of this guidebook was developed to serve as a practical reference for the marine surveyor directly engaged in the activities conducted in the enclosed spaces on vessels. It is expected to provide them with the invaluable assistance so that they can fully appreciate the dangers that may potentially be faced in such spaces. They will also see and understand the potential consequences of the inadequate entry procedures.

The guidelines provided in the pages of this volume are based upon the great practical experience of the MRM, i.e. Mines Rescue Marine, personnel training people to safely operate in enclosed spaces in various industries. The ultimate goal of the author of the guide is to assist the marine surveyors in making proper assessment of the hazards that may be there in the enclosed spaces they are intending to enter, and provide required practical guidance on how to behave in the different situations commonly faced in such spaces.

The contents opens with the chapters devoted to the categorization of the enclosed spaces, main definitions and terms in use, recording and reporting procedures, followed by the description of the design features that are associated with those spaces, analyses of the real case studies, etc.

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In the present document, all interested readers will see what the national maritime representatives have agreed on and also what they recommend as best practice once it comes to working on the vessel's trailer deck. The reason for publishing this sector specific guidelines is that dangerous situations can arise at any time when aboard a RoRo vessel.

Working on the trailer deck can be especially risky because of industrial accidents and, more importantly, due to the damage to health. However, the legislation that is currently in force does not include any specific guidelines aimed at preventing human injury while carrying on their duties on the trailer deck. This guidance is mainly focusing on working on the trailer deck. In the content of the document only passing reference has been made to ventilation installations since these are basically described in the IMO's MSC circular 729 of 4th July 1996.

The content of the guidance was initially submitted to the DMA, i.e. Danish Maritime Authority for their pre-review and all of their valuable comments have found due reflection in the text. That is the reason why we can easily recommend this document for familiarization of the newcomers and even to the experienced professionals.

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