Regional Guide to Counter Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships in Asia

   This Guide deals with the armed robbery against vessels sailing in the Asian region, it was developed by the ReCAAP ISC together with the ASF (Asian Shp owners Forum, OCIMF, IFC (Information Fusion Center), INTERTANKO, SSA (Singapore Shipping Association) with the ultimate intention to assist ship owners and mastersm seafarers and ship agents and other people responsible for the operation of ships, in avoiding the pirate attacks, deterring and delaying them, as well as in evidence preservation, and promotion the secure and safe sailing for the whole shipping community. The book complements the information which was provided by the relevant resolutions by the UN General Assembly and IMO resolutions and recommendations.

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Emergency Response on Container Ships

   Emergency Response on Container Ships is principally for officers and crew. Superintendents and others working ashore will also find it useful, as it sets out the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved in handling an emergency on board ship, including those who work ashore. Training officers may wish to start the first session by playing the whole video to the group and then opening a general discussion. The video can then be played again section by section, and trainees asked about the main points raised in each one. This booklet contains expanded information on each topic, and at the end of each chapter there is a short assessment test that can be used to reinforce the learning points. The focus of the training should always be on how the programme content relates to emergency response procedure on board your ship, how trainees can help to reduce the impact of an emergency once it has been identified, and what improvements could be made to ensure that everyone works well together as a team. Prevention of emergencies is always better than cure, and companies have safety procedures in place to reduce the risk of something going wrong. However, the reality is that accidents will always happen, and when they do, fast and decisive action is essential. The purpose of Emergency Response on Container Ships is to minimise the impact of emergencies once they have started to develop, emphasising the importance of effective lines of communication and of drills and exercises. Better if used together with this training video film.

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Entry into Enclosed Spaces - Part 1 - Awareness

   The first part of the Entry into Enclosed Spaces training by Videotel. The training course covers the overview of the enclosed spaces and associated hazards, managing the entry to the enclosed spaces, some exercises, resources, and a number of assessment questions with answers. This part of the course is dedicated to the Awareness and is intended to make the readers understand what the enclosed space is and the hazards of entering such spaces, recognized the enclosed spaces on their vessel and when it might be necessary to enter, gain some necessary awareness of the safeguards etc. This booklet is supplemented with this video film for better understanding.

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Piracy and Armed Robbery Against Ships

   The joint work of the IMO and the International Chamber of Commerce's IMB highlighted the increasing severity and frequency of the armed attacks against vessels. This Code was developed and released by the OCIMF with the intention to identify practical and cost-effective ideas to be considered by ship terminal operators and other shore-based authorities. Here is the brief contents of the publication: Introduction - The threat of piracy and armed robbery against ships - Countermeasrures by ships - Why are shore-based countermeasures necessary - Countermeasures by shore organizations - Overcoming practical problems - Further assistance - Conclusion - Check-list - Self-appraisal - Benchmarking.

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Maritime Security - Protection of Marinas, Ports, Small Watercraft, Yachts, and Ships

   The ultimate goal of this book prepared by Daniel J. Benny, Ph. D., is to provide readers with a good overview of the protection of the maritime community as well as of the methods to be utilized to safeguard people, marine vessels, watercrafts, marinas, and ports from numerous threats. The publication does not cover the security issues relating to the maritime supply chain. The security level varies based on ships/maritime property and threat assessments. That is the reason why so wide range of security policies and a blend of the procedures and methods of physical security are examined. The book shall not be treated as just reporesentation of facts and the reporting on the various methods of maritime community protectiom; it rather contains the professional opininons and recommendations from the author on such methods...

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Interim Guidance to UK Flagged Shipping on the Use of Armed Guards to Defend Against the Threat of Piracy in Exceptional Circumstances

   The present Guidance was developed in order to set out the policy of the Government on the use of armed guards on board UK vessels, the importance of performing full risk assessments prior to taking any decisions to their use, the circumstances under which shipping companies might consider use of guards, factors to consider and include in the contracts between PMSC and shipping companies, issues relating to the proper storage and handling of firearms, show how to produce a counter-piracy plan, command and control security teams, and, in general, provides readers with necessary information in this regard.

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Maritime Security - An Introduction

   The present publication is a very useful reference book for people willing to qualify and validate the information obtained from the popular media about maritime piracy. It provides readers with a perfect intro to the maritime security and is equally directed to government officials, students and security professionals. The fundamentals of the commercial shipping are detailed in this volume. The author explains in a very clear and understandable language how the commercial sea ports function and how ships operate, what threats exist there and what security procedures and policies must be implemented in order to mitigate those threats.

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What A Marine Surveyor Needs To Know About Working In Enclosed Spaces

   This book has been produced by Mines Rescue Marine (MRM) at the request of the International Institute of Marine Surveying. It serves as a technical reference for Surveyor personnel involved in entering enclosed spaces on ships for inspection purposes. I am confident that it will provide invaluable help for them to fully appreciate the potential hazards that an enclosed space may contain, or that might be generated by an inadequate entry procedure. The apparently simple operation, to enter, inspect and /or undertake work in an enclosed space, requires consideration of all available information relating to the space. This might be physical parameters, or procedural in the form of ship's rules, company guidance and details of a readily available emergency response. The professional manner in which this information is assimilated and assessed by the Surveyor prior to him attempting entry will reduce considerably the risk of the unexpected and avoid catastrophe! The advice and guidance contained here is based upon the considerable experience of MRM personnel operating and training others to work in such spaces in various industries. Equipment and techniques outlined here have been well tried and tested in real applications. Fatal accidents arising from work in enclosed spaces on ships continue to occur all too frequently. Do not let this happen to yourself. If in any doubt, there are others available who can provide advice to ensure your safety...

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