Shipboard Automatic Identification System Displays


Transportation Research Board National Research Council
 Publisher Transportation Research Board
 Date 2003
 Pages 197
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The last years have shown significantly increasing attention paid to the MTS, i.e. maritime transportation systems; the industry focused on efficiency and safety of sea transportation, prevention of potential pollution caused to the environment from ships and also response to the cases of pollution. The AIS, standing for the auto-identification systems, were originally developed to be a response to all above mentioned concerns, and huge work attempting to define the technical/communication requirements applying to such systems. Those efforts have finally resulted in development of the worldwide carriage requirements for the systems aboard all ships as per the SOLAS Convention, as necessary. The preset report addresses the shipboard display of the information. Considering insufficient amount of the recognized standards and requirements applicable to such display, the USCG did request NRC to examine both technical and human factors. The efforts were made to include proper assessment of the current AIS technologies together with the evaluation of the system designs and capabilities. The committee was originally expected to consider the potential impacts of the changes in the technology, economics, security plus various operational considerations plus human factors, operational environments, technical integration, international standards and other relevant matters...

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