The MIG stands for the "Metal Inert Gas" and this type of welding is widely used in the shipbuilding industry. The present introductory video film is presented by Skills Education Australia PTY, it is very informative and practically useful.

The film will help the workers, engineers and students in getting to know the technical fundamentals of this type of welding. The video shows the most common practices and also focuses on safety aspects.

The content shall be greatly appreciated by the professional and trainee welders, students of the shipbuilding and any construction related specialties, specialists dealing with the control of the welding quality and general construction, quality assurance inspectors, designers and other persons in the industry.

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It is the purpose of this video to simplify many of the complex technically problems which commonly occur in MIG welding community of today (suggest call the Gas Metal Arc Welding "MIG" in verbal discussion).

Nowadays, welders have got so many variables that have to be adjusted and balanced, for example is he using the proper size welding wire and the right type of wire, should he be possibly using flux core or should that be a MIG wire; and then, what about the voltage and the amperage and the speed - they all have to be balanced very carefully to get a proper weld.

We recommend this film to all welders since it clearly explains the main principles of MIG welding in a way making the content understandable even to the newcomers to the world of welding, having little to no professional experience in establishing the weld seams. A really great supplementary visual material for people willing to get further training in addition to the theoretical knowledge obtained from the books and manuals.

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Today massive container ships transport around ninety per cent of everything the world produces. This video will tell you so much interesting about the container vessels. That is just unbelievable! The video is well worth watching and the information has been perfectly presented.

The film is very informative and educational and thus can be recommended not only to the newcomers to the ship construction industry but even to the non-technical people. The authors of the film have managed to give an in-depth view, both outside and inside, of what it is actually like to raise up such an impressive skyscrapper.

You will all enjoy watching this film due to the engineering marvels described in details making them understandable. By the way, we have two other films of same series, dedicated to the Biggest Warship and Off-shore Oil Platforms.

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And here is one more interesting documentary film of Extreme Engineering series officially presented by the famous Discovery Channel. This episode shows us the operations together with the weapon systems of the world famous warships of today, USS Donald Cook.

You will get a chance to witness the installation of a missile launcher on board this ship, as well as other extremely complex and interesting operations. It is a really must-see video film for every person with the interest in the engineering marvels, shipbuilding and Navy fleet.

You will definitely get impressed what the human genius can build. This is not something you can see at the ordinary ship construction or ship repair facility. Note that we also have two films from this series - Container Ships and Off-shore Oil Platforms. Have a look!

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The Netherlands has been world famous for its brilliant shipbuilding tradition for centuries. In the past, these boats were used to trade goods and discover exotic lands. Today, the industry is all about leisure, demanding a different approach from the shipyards; revolutionary new technology and construction methods herald a new era for superyachts builders allowing them to take these magnificent vessels to higher levels.

These is superyachts. This video produced and presented by the Discovery Channel will be of great interest to the people interested in yachts and superyachts - everyone will find something interesting and relevant to him or her, from the shipbuilding industry professionals to students and from mariners to the people dreaming of becoming the owner of the superyacht, or just a yacht, to start with...

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This short video belongs to the world famous and very popular "Coastal Skills Training" series. The intention of the authors was to demonstrate how the proper weld joints shall be established using the MIG, standing for the Metal Inert Gas welding technique in both flat and horizontal positions.

Subject welding process is very widely used that is why we consider it very important for all persons engaged in ship construction and ship repair activities to have a thorough understanding of it. The proper knowledge of the process of welding will allow the welder to make a good weld seam and to it in a safe manner, which is critically important.

Realizing all technical aspects of particular welding technique will eventually result in a weld with the desired characteristics which, in turn, will contribute to the overall construction quality of the vessel and safety of people on board.

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This film is intended to give you much better idea of the reasons for carrying out a Risk Assessment. While 'Hot Work' is specifically discussed, it should be remembered that the lessons you will definitely learn from this film apply to any Risk Assessment, does not matter if it is conducted for Hot Work, Confined/Enclosed Space Entry, Working Aloft or any other potentially hazardous task.

Where anything in this training film differs from your company guidelines, or where specific instructions are issued by your employer, these should always take priority over the content of this film! It is considered essential that you read and understand the relevant section of the SMS, standing for the Safety Management System for your vessel that describes procedures for carrying out any Hot Work.

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Every welding project is completed one weld bead at a time. From fabrication and repair shops, arc welding is one of the most common and versatile methods of joining the metal. The present video film has been specifically developed for the people who already have some very basic knowledge of the welding processes but lack of the required practical experience.

This video will explain the basic welding techniques, tell them about the proper preparation for the welding and also the welding sequence to be followed in order to establish a high-quality weld seam. Note that the content of the film will be very useful and informative not only to the students and future welders or hull constructors, but also for the people who are already working with welding and wish to improve their welding skills or to refresh them. Take some fifty minutes watching the film and you will know nearly everything about arc welding process.

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