Extreme Engineering - Build It Bigger - Biggest Warship

   One more documentary film of Extreme Engineering series presented by the Discovery Channel. This episode shows us the operations and weapon systems of the world famous warships of today, USS Donald Cook. You will witness the installation of a missile launcher on board this ship, as well as other extremely complex and interesting operations. It is a really must-see video for everyone interesting in the engineering marvels, shipbuilding and Navy fleet.

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Discovery Channel - Superyachts

   For centuries the Netherlands has been famous for its shipbuilding tradition. In the past, these boats were used to trade goods and discover exortic lands. Today, the industry is all about leisure, demanding a different approach from the shipyards; revolutionary new technology and construction methods herald a new era for superyachts builders allowing them to take these magnificent vessels to higher levels. These is superyachts...

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The Worlds Biggest Carbon Composite Catamaran Passenger Ferry - OZATA Shipyard Documentary

   The World's Biggest Carbon-Composite Catamaran Passenger Ferry was built by a Turkish comany. It is being built by OZATA Ship Yard in Yalova. This video briefly shows the process of the construction of the subject vessel. Some comments from the Design Engineer of the project:"...We first draw two and three dimensional models of the ferry at designing office. We prepare three-dimensional models of all parts of the ferry, then conduct resistance calculations and analyses of the completed models. Later, we send the analyzed products to our colleagues at the purchasing department through our server and buy necessary pieces. After that, we send technical drawings of the product or the necessary details to our colleagues at the manufacturing department and ensure their production". Production Engineer:"...The fiber we use in ferries with the capacity of 420 passengers thatwe built for Izmir Metropolitan Municipality is full carbon fiber produced by using vacuum infusion technology. In this sense, we are the first shipyard in Turkey and among the limited number of shipyards in the world. The manufacturing in our composite line is as follows - the carbon fiber enters our workshop as a fabric, then leaves our shipyard as a ship. This is the process."

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AIDA Prima Cruise Ship - Full Construction Time-lapse

   This short video shows the whole process of buildng the cruise ship. Just imagine, the authors managed to put the story in a six-minute video film. The AIDAPrima was the first ship to sail from Hamburg port all year around. Her dimensions impress - around three hundred meter long and the width is about 38 m. She features more than 1600 staterooms and is capable of accommodation more than three thousand passengers. Watch this video and even save it, you may show it to your friends so that they can a picture of how such vessels are built at the shipyards.

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MIG Welding
   MIG (Metal Inert Gas) Welding is the introductory film presented by Skills Education Australia PTY. It will help the workers, engineers and students in getting to know the basics of this type of welding. The video shows the most common practices and also focuses on safety aspects.
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Oxy-Acetylene welding
   The OA (oxy-acetylene) welding process uses a combination of oxygen and acetylene to provide a high temperature flame. This video will show the basic techniques of this process and will be useful for newbie welders and professionals willing to improve their skills.
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Coastal Skills Training - Welding Different Joints in the Flat and Horizontal Position with MIG
   This short video of Coastal Skills Training series will show you how to make proper weld joints using MIG (metal inert gas) technique in flat and horizontal positions.

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Coastal Skills Training - Welding Joints with MIG
   This video film will demonstrate how to weld commonly used joints in vertical and overhead positions using the MIG (metal inert gas) process. These joints are butt joints, T-joints, lap joints, and outside corner joints.
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