Ships of the Royal Navy

Author(s)                 Colledge J. J., Ben Warlow
Publisher Chatham Publishing
Date 2006
Pages 396
Format pdf
Size 275 Mb

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   New revised edition of the "Ships of the Royal Nay by the recognized naval warfare experts J. J. Colledge and Ben Warlow. This book is deservedly treated as an ABC of the ships of the Royal Navy is the result of many years' research in the Admiralty Library and elsewhere, and it is hoped that most of the ships which have served at any time in the British or Commonwealth navies are included. Ships noted as 'Indian' include those of the Hon East India Company, which developed into the Bombay Marine and later into the Royal Indian Marine. The term 'Australian' is used in the text to cover ships of the various State navies of Australia before the formation of the Royal Australian Navy. Names of ships captured from the French or Spanish are printed in English form with their English counterparts where convenient, the definite article being omitted except in the few cases when it is known to have been used in the Royal Navy, and Unite for example will have to be read as Unite and Immortalite as Immortalite. Mercantile names are printed in italics. For the sake of brevity, details of the engines of steamships have been omitted, as also have most of the changes in armament. For modern ships (in general) only a tonnage is given, since other details are readily available in current reference books.

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