Another issue of the Significant Ships magazine traditionally covering the most interesting vessels of one particular year. This issue addresses the significant ships delivered in the year 1996. Among the vessels dealt with in this publication there are Aida, Carnival Destiny, Costa Victoria, Grandeur of the Seas cruise liners, Balder FPU and Berge Hugin FPSO units, CSK Enterprise, Clipper Fantasy, SG Prosperity bulk carriers, Eagle Boston crude oil tanker, CMBT Endurance, Frotasantos, Hanjin London, Hanjin Zenoa, Hyundai Independence, MSC Alexa, Nedlloyd Amazonas, Regina Maersk, OOCL Canada, SCAN Polaris, Sea Excellence, Sea-Land Mistral, UTE Johanna container vessels, Mubaraz LNG tanker, and many other interesting vessels.

Each of nearly fifty vessels covered in the pages of this issue has been provided with necessary information and technical data supplemented with the characteristics, dimension, information on engines and main arrangements, supplemented with the photographs allowing readers to get a clear idea of the ship. This approach is what has gained so much popularity to this series recommended to all people with the interest in new ship designs.

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Another brilliant collection of the vessels considered by the authors of this release significant enough to be included in the list for 1995. This sixth edition of Significant Ships addresses largest and fastest ships, ones with highest capacity and first in the series - they all have been brought together to demonstrate how the ship designs moved forward in order to satisfy the growing demands of the shipping industry.

The book will provide information about such interesting vessels as APL China, APL Korea,Bermuda Islander, Bunga Mas Satu, Canmar Fortune, Chesapeake Bay, Irena ARcrica, NYK Procyo, OOCL California and Neptune Sardonyx container ships, Arklow Brook, Atlantic Bulker, Brazilian Venture and Merchant Prestige bulk carriers, Aretousa, Bang Chui Dao, Island Commodore, Isle of Innisfree, Manuel Azana, MN Toucan, Rodib Hod and Superfast I Ro-Ro ships, Yukong Navigator and Murex crude oil tankers, as well as many other LNG tankers, newsprint carriers, supply ships, bitumen tankers, cable ships and others.

Traditionally for this series of books, this one gives all data related to the shipbuilder, owner and operator, flag, sister ships if any, general information and principal particulars for each of the ships covered.

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Here is 1994 issue of the popular Significant Ships magazine released on the annual basis. We all remember a truly tragic disaster of the Estonia ferry which occurred in 1994. That disaster was actually overshadowed by the numerous ship losses that were continuing to effect the bulk carrier fleet of the world though without too much of press coverage.

That is why the authors of the present release of Significant Ships included two bulk carrier designs that were claimed by their designers to address most of the actual problems of basic ship strength and operational maintenance considered prime causes of most of the ship losses.

This issue of Significant Ships provides information and technical data on such vessels as Angel Wing, Corona Ace, Erna Olderdorff, Erradale, Romandie, Thalassini Tyhi bulk carriers, Ankleshwar crude oil tanker, Arcadian Faith, Arktis Fighter, Cari Sea, Fischland multi-purpose cargo ships, Asean Restorer cable ship, Cecilie Maersk, Ever Racer, Frotabelem, Marwan, Heddloyd River Plate, Nordlake, Nuevo Leon, Villa de Vela, Westerdeich and Zhonghe container ships, Hyundai Utopia and Puteri Intan liquid natural gas- and Tarquin Ranger liquid petroleum gas tankers, Pearl River suction dregder and many others.

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There are so many measures in place implemented to ensure safe transportation of passengers oil as well as chemical cargoes, following the disasters of Exxon Valdez, Scandinavian Star and Herald of Free Enterprise which eventually led to new technological decisions such as the hatchcoverless design of the vessels. One of them, Norasia Fribourg was delivered at the very end of 1993 and that is why was not included in the present listing.

Therefore, the Significant Ships of 1993 would be better described as a consolidation year, mainly talking about the innovative design of ships. The owners and builders of tanker vessels had quite difficult time attempting to anticipate the extent of the internationally recognized requirements - some of those designs reflect the results of the individual interpretation of the necessary issues.

This release of the magazine provides the information and supplementary data for such famous vessels as the Arosa, Cosmo Delphinus, Eleo Maersk, Eos, Glenross, Knock Glune, Windward, New Vitality, Siam and New Wisdom crude oil carriers, Caledonian Isles, Juan J. Sister, Kong Harald, Spirit of British Columbia and Silja Europa passenger/vehicle ferry, Polar Eagle LNG carrier, Tokyo Senator container ship and many others.

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This volume opens the series of publication Significant Ships providing interesting information for the people with the interest in the shipping. This is the annually released publication describes in a single volume around fifty most important and innovative commercial ship designs that were delivered by the ship construction yards during the particular year.

The content of each of the issues includes a detailed cross-section of the vessel types supplemented with concise but comprehensive technical description of the vessel and extensive information on the principal particulars presented in a form of data table - these particulars normally include major suppliers of the shipboard equipment. In addition to that, detailed general arrangement of each vessel addressed in the volume has been provided together with the color photos.

In fact, the volumes making the Significant Ship series are providing a real wealth of useful information is a very accessible manner and this is what have gained worldwide popularity for this series. Most of the vessels covered have a length of more than hundred meters. The series will be of some interest for the ship modelers, as well, noting the amount of technical information it provides on so many vessels and presence of detailed plans. in total there will be more than twenty publications.

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