STAB 1982 - Second International Conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles - Tokyo

Author(s)                 STAB
Publisher International Conference on Stability of Ships and Ocean Vehicles
Date 1982
Pages 773
Format pdf
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   The first of the numerous papers that have been presented in the course of the Second STAB held in 1982 in Tokyo, Japan, deals with the following aspects related to the capsizing of the hotel platform "Alexander L. Kielland": a short overview of the design features of the Pentagone offshore platform together with the circumstances of the accident, static analysis of the capsizing, theoretical calculations relating to the capsizing after loss of leg D. the calculations are carried out in still water without the effect of anchor forces, wind, waves and current; including the effect of anchor forces and wind over-turning moment. That study was undertaken by stepwise filling of the deck structure and trunks in legs C and E. Calculations of the stability and floating position in the various phases are made. Study of the survival capabilities of a Pentagone rig after loss of one of the legs with particular emphasis on possible equilibrium by ballast redistribution. Evaluation of present stability criteria in light of the accident. Note that the special attention was drawn to damage stability criteria. Present survival criteria deal only with "low impact" damage, and the consequences of "higher impact" damage might be very serious for most of the offshore rigs that are in service today...

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