The Age of the Galley - Mediterranean Oared Vessels Since Pre-Classical Times

Author(s)                 Professor Morrison
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2004
Pages 256
Format pdf
Size 145 Mb

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   This title belongs to the series of publications providing readers with the detailed and quite comprehensive account of the technologies that have shaped the whole human history. It has been originally conceived as a fundamental reference work considered a first stop for all people who seek the information covering the aspects of the subject and is mainly concerned to be complete. This volume is very timely and important. In fact, a last decade so much work has been done in all fields and the editors of this volume have made their team of contributing authors with the intention to bring together i a single title the chronologically different areas of work related to this problem. Another important association with this volume is that it covers all historical, geographical and even economic aspects of the galley fleets. This is the first book to enable the readers to perform a correct assessment of the subject. The readers are admitted to the workshop where they will hear the claims and sometimes the disagreements of the workforce and realize that such a publication can only show the ways to these ends. Long story short, the publication is very useful and will be greatly appreciated by all enthusiasts of maritime history because of the rarely found and valuable information. The content covers the ancestry of the triremes, Hellenistic oared warships, oar systems, Roman empire fleets, merchant galleys, naval installations, and other marine vehicles...

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