The Age of the Ship of the Line - The British & French Navies, 1650-1815

Author(s)                 Jonathan R. Dull
Publisher Bison Books
Date 2011
Pages 268
Format pdf
Size 3.5 Mb

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   In the series of the wars between Britain and France that took place in the historical period between XVII and XIX centuries, the sea power was considered as a critical factor presenting a really vital importance. The navy flees was the key of the nation to the victory in the war, and also it was looked at as the pre-requisite for the imperial dominance. Taking into account the ongoing fights for the overseas colonies as well as for the commercial dominance, the efficient navy fleets were required; possessing and maintaining those fleets to be used as the tools of state power, in turn, required serious economic strength. This new publication prepared by Jonathan Dull, who is one of the prominent contemporary naval historians, looks deep inside the activities of both the French Navy and Royal Navy fleets of that era, providing readers with the professional comparison of their key elements. By means of this well balanced comparison, the author of this title argues that the final triumph of the Great Britain in the wars with France was mainly the result of its superior economic and financial power. This publication was originally intended to navigate the intricacies of the above mentioned wars in a manner enlightening the scholars and fascinating the general readers. All the naval warfare involved has been brought to life and clearly explained staying within the frames of the international and diplomatic history...

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