The Blue Book of Sailing: 22 keys to sailing mastery


Adam Cort
 Publisher International Marine Press
 Date 2009
 Pages 272
 Format pdf
 Size 6.4 Mb

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Sailing is considered a very complex and technique- and gear-intensive sport. The present publication was intentionally released to provide all interested people with twenty-two fundamental principles making the core of the sailing-related knowledge; due understanding of the principles explained in the book will help readers attain a genuine mastery. The volume is mainly aimed at intermediate-level sailors, so-called "practiced novices"; we would not say that it is a best choice for the absolute beginners as the lessons and tips included by the author will only be of use for the people who are already possessing some basics of sailing. But for the intended audience, it is really a treasure, an excellent source of relevant information. It will provide sailors with valuable practical advice on storm sailing, performance tuning, offshore boat cruising, advance sail trim and many other interesting and practically important topics. For people having some basic understanding of sailing, this publication will be a great "next step". The book will be of great interest for people willing to improve their understanding of the sailing concepts and protect themselves in difficult situations at sea. The content is really outstanding and it has been already met well by the readers in many countries. The author has provided lots of valuable details about the mechanics of sailing etc.

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