The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the English Language

Author(s)                 David Crystal
Publisher Cambridge University Press
Date 2003
Pages 505
Format pdf
Size 38.7 Mb

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   This interesting and attractive volume has been organized thematically in a number of separate segments; the content of the publication covers the whole history of the English language starting from Old English to the very Modern English. The text part of the book has been vividly illustrated with more than five hundred images. In fact, each of the segments in this book can be treated as a separate reference. We would say that this publication is a truly tremendous compendium of information addressing nearly all aspects of English, and the approach used by the author has made the book very readable - all the information inside is very easily accessible for the readers. The book is very well-written and the style is not pedantic at all. The images reinforce the understanding of the materials and make the learning process interesting. The book will be appropriate for all ages, maybe with the exception made for the kids. It shall be used to introduce the newcomers to the mysteries and wonders of the English language. It is highly recommended to any person willing to know a bit more about the English language itself. Such people will of course keep this book on their desks for ready reference.

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