The Illustrated Dictionary of Electronics

Author(s)                 Stan Gibilisco
Publisher McGraw-Hill
Date 2001
Pages 791
Format pdf
Size 5 Mb

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   Here is the eighth, one of the latest, editions of the Dictionary, which has been significantly revised, updated, and clarified, and is now reflecting all latest technological advances. Many new definitions and terms have been included in the different fields of robotics, wireless technology and even artificial intelligence. Teh team of the authors working on this dictionary made every effort to be accurate yet concise, without any "talking down" to the readers. Many of the definitions in this book contain cross references providing recommended additional info or allow the comparison with related terms. The expressions bearing the special significance have been printed in italics. Authors made their best to avoid using of the superfluous mathematics, but sometimes equations are still necessary to effectively and completely define a term. However, no mathematics beyond the high school level has been used. The Appendix A addresses the standard symbols that are used in electrical/electronic diagrams and such symbols are also used in the illustrations throughout the dictionary. Appendix В contains the data tables addressing conversion between electrical systems, Greek alphabet, math functions and operations, prefix multipliers, and resistor color code.

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