The Indian Ocean in World History

Author(s)                 Edward A. Alpes
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 2014
Pages 172
Format pdf
Size 5.4 Mb

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   Today, the Indian Ocean to which this book is dedicated to, remains the least researched geographic region of the world. However, there have been significant cultural exchanges around its shores and across its waters. Edward Alpers, professional historian and the author of this volume has explored all complex issues relating to the above mentioned cultural exchange in the region through combining historical approach with the insights of geography, anthropology and other relevant disciplines. The volume has already proven to be an excellent source of relevant information providing all interested readers with a brand new perspective from which is it easier to get better understanding of the Indian Ocean. What the author has tried to underline in his work was that the oceans shall not be treated only as just barriers; they are rather connecting barrier which have proven their dominance in shaping the history. The publication is packed with valuable information supplemented with the numerous very useful ocean maps and photographs. The opening chapter of the volume is setting up the history and discussing the monsoons considered crucial to understanding some maritime patterns.... In short, this book is a very good introduction to this undeservedly under-studied region and its content will be of great interest for all lovers of the oceans and history.

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