The Oxford Dictionary of English Grammar

Author(s)                 Sylvia Chalker, Edmund Weiner
Publisher Oxford University Press
Date 2014
Pages 464
Format epub
Size 17.4 Mb

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   We are very glad to introduce a new, easily accessible and pretty straightforward guidance to the terminology of English grammar. This publication released by Oxford has been prepared by three world recognized grammar experts and contains more than 1600 useful and informative entries, with most of them being provided with very clear and comprehensive, but yet concise definitions, supplemented with sample sentences for better understanding. This is the second release of the publication, which has been revised and significantly updated in comparison with the first one; particular attention has been paid by the authors to the sample sentences mentioned above. There are more than a hundred of new entries covering the current terminology. The appendix contained in the last part of the book gives a list of useful web links. The book is well defined and perfectly illustrated. It shall be treated as the invaluable resource for English students and teachers, in fact anyone with the interest in grammar of the English language and with the intention to get a proper knowledge of grammar. We all know that grammar is the core, main important, part of any language - it means that every student of English must take it very seriously and concentrate on grammar.  

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