The Sea Road - A Viking Voyage Through Scotland


Olwyn Owen
 Publisher Canongate Books
 Date 1999
 Pages 68
 Format pdf
 Size 24.5 Mb

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A genuine treasure for the people interested in Scotland's history. This volume belongs to the famous series titles "The Making of Scotland" focusing on how the Vikings did make Scotland the centre of the great seafaring kingdom and also how and why their influence can still be felt in Orkney and Shetland. The book starts with the prologue providing a very short historical background. In fact, in the time period around AD 800 there was no place called Scotland, there was only a territory a quite varied geography that, with the course of the time, became the Scotland, and subject territory was inhabited by people of different customs and culture. There were many kings and chieftains. No borders existed and the contemporary boundaries of the country were actually meaningless to the inhabitants of that time. And, of course, subject territorial boundaries would definitely be irrelevant for seafaring Vikings coming from Scandinavia. That is why one of the main objective of the present work was to bring alive the whole context in which seafaring Vikings did operate in Scotland of the past and to demonstrate what part Scotland did actually played in the world of Vikings. In fact, Vikings traveled much further than any of the Europeans had ever traveled and this allowed them to establish an excellent communication network over really great distances...

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