The vital guide to modern warships
Leo Marriott
The Crowood Press
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   Here is a remarkably detailed and concise plus perfectly illustrated guidance to the modern warships collected from around the planet. The navy vessels are described and their technical descriptions have been supplemented with the examples of smaller crafts like attack craft, fast corvettes, and also mine sweepers. The details provided include length, breadth, displacement, draught, speed and range, type of the power plant, complement, missiles carried etc. The modern naval warships are complex vessels. The past thirty years showed significant changes and numerous technological developments, including missiles and electronics, ship hydrodynamics and propulsion, all applied to making each of the vessels much more effective as compared to the predecessor. This title starts with the valuable notes on the data tables used, which is followed by the intro section providing all required general information. The main content of the document has been arranged in seven major chapters addressing the small and major warships, aircraft carriers and frigates, destroyers and amphibious warfare ships, LSV, i.e. logistic support vessels and even submarines. The document concludes with the Glossary of terminology. Each of the ships covered within the document has been provided with the required technical information, namely the specification, and some narrative text which will be interesting to all lovers of the naval warfare of the present.

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