the worlds worst warships

Author(s) Antony Preston
Publisher Conway Maritime Press
Date 2002
Pages 192
Format pdf
Size 35 Mb







The present document with quite interesting title provides a very serious and thorough professional study of the actual reasons why some of the warships achieved very bad reputations. The content of the document is covering the historical period starting from 1860 and up to today, looking at a remarkably broad range of the nationalities and types of the vessels.

The original intention declared by Anthony Preston, the author of this volume was to provide all readers with the information about the factors that led to the failures and also repercussions of the naval design and construction of the naval warships during the above sated period of time.

Among the vessels addresses in the pages of this remarkably interesting and informative volume, are such famous ones as the HMS Captain (turret ship), HMS Swift (destroyer), Rurik (armored cruiser), Vesuvius (dynamite cruiser), HMS Hood (fast battleship), USS Katahdin and HMS Polyphemus (armoured rams), HMS Glorious, HMS Furious, HMS Courageous (light battle cruisers), IJNS Ryujo (aircraft carrier), HMSwS Gotland (hybrid cruiser), submarines of the K-class, Viribus Unitis and Normandie class dreadnoughts, flush-decker destroyers, various nuclear attack submarines, anti-submarine frigates, super battleships, scout cruisers, fast attack crafts, light and heavy cruisers and many other types of vessels.

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