US Cold War Aircraft Carriers - Forrestal, Kitty Hawk and Enterprise Classes

Author(s)                 Brad Elward, Paul Wright
Publisher Osprey Publishing
Date 2014
Pages 48
Format pdf
Size 2.4 Mb

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   The famous Kitty Hawk class, a variation of the initial Forrestal design, featured a reconfigured flight deck that significantly enhanced air operations. Notably, the port elevator was moved aft of the angled main deck runway and the starboard island was moved to the rear, with elevators one and two now forward of the island. Defensive guns were also removed and/or replaced by the new "surface-to-air" missile systems. This new configuration would proceed to form the fundamental flight deck arrangement of not only Enterprise, but also of the future Nimitz-and Gerald Ford-class carriers. The Forrestal class and the improved Kitty Hawk class, together with the single-ship-class USS John R Kennedy and USS Enterprise, the latter the first nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the world, constituted a large part of the American Navy carrier forces throughout the Cold War, including the Vietnam War and Cuban Missile Crisis, and the high-tension 1970s and 1980s. Collectively, these carriers made 33 deployments to Vietnam, forming the very heart of the heavy carrier strike forces. Indeed, only USS John R Kennedy did not serve in Vietnam. In general, this is a remarkably interesting historical publication for all people including specialists.

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