Verification and Certification of Submarine Pipelines

Author(s)                 DNV
Publisher DNV
Date 2014
Pages 67
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   This OSS is intended to describe the verification service related to submarine pipelines and to define the additional DNV requirements for obtaining/retaining a DNV pipeline system Certificate of Conformity. This offshore specification falls under offshore specification DNV-OSS-300 "Risk Based Verification" considered the top-level document - and applies risk-differentiated levels of the involvement of verification activities; it is tailor-made for certification/verification of the pipeline systems that have been constructed and designed as per DNV-OS-F101. Based on the scope of work tables in Section 3, the detailed verification scope of work tables in Appendix D should be subject to project specific tailoring based on risk assessments. The primary declared objectives of the present qualification procedure are to: describe DNV's verification and certification services for submarine pipeline systems, describe DNV's approach to risk differentiated levels of verification involvement, provide necessary guidance for the proper selection of the level of DNV verification involvement, and provide required guidance on how to establish a verification plan; in addition, it is intended to assist in creating common communication platform for describing the extent of verification activities required for DNV certification of submarine pipeline. The objective for the verification service is generally the verification of the pipeline integrity...

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