Verification of Process Facilities

Author(s) DNV
Publisher DNV
Date 2004
Pages 38
Format pdf
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The present OSS was released by DNV with the intention to provide necessary criteria for and proper guidance on verification of due integrity and proper function of various parts/phases of the process facilities. This document falls under the DNV-OSS-300 called Risk Based Verification. All descriptions used within this OSS are corresponding to the simplified verification planning as per Section 2F of Risk Based Verification.

When using the combined or advanced planning, the above stated descriptions will give starting points as well as good references. The ultimate purpose of the present offshore specification was to describe the process of preparation of a verification plan using the risk differentiated levels of associated activities developed by DNV as well as detailed example scopes of work tables, reporting and implementation of the verification plan. This OSS may be adopted, if necessary, for the verification of parts of selected project phases or process facilities.

The process facilities usually comprise the process safety functions, utility systems, HVAC systems and piping, pressure relieving devices, active/passive fire protection systems, shutdown systems, pressure vessels outside the scope of this OSS. HIIS system, flare and blowdown system, various process equipment, classification of the hazardous area, fire and gas detection arrangements etc.

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