Wartsila RT-FLEX Engines Training and Introduction


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There are following chapters available in this training course: Short Introduction - Philosophy of the flex-technology; Mechanical features - rail- and supply unit - exhaust valve drive - WECS modules; Hydraulic Systems - fuel injection - control oil - servo oil - starting air; Control Systems: WECS-9500/9520 - system layout - exhaust valve - injection - rail pressure - misc.); EMO-tuning (on request); Service Aspects (general - assembly - disassembly - inspection intervals). This detailed introductory course will be very helpful for ship machinery crew as well as service and maintenance engineers. It starts with the opening section describing the main advantages of the common rail technology, i.e. flexibility in the operation of the injection and exhaust valves, much more precise control of the volumetric fuel injection, better control of the individual fuel injection valves, much higher efficiency when compared to the conventional engines, so many new possibilities to reduce the emissions to the atmosphere, relatively low steady engine speed (ten to twenty percent rpm R1), good potential for variable fuel injection rate shaping, reduced fuel consumption, free selection if the fuel injection pressure etc.

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