Well testing project management


Paul J. Nardone
 Publisher Gulf Professional Publishing
 Date 2009
 Pages 360
 Format pdf
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   Well test planning is the process of managing the risks associated with well test activity. A well test induces a dynamic response in a reservoir by producing reservoir fluids to surface. The information acquired, such as, fluid properties, pressure and temperature data, become inputs to a reservoir model to aid in making development decisions. For the Well Test Planning Team it is the design, installation, and operation of a temporary production facility, to control and produce that response, according to the objectives set by reservoir engineering. The planning phase can take months compared to the operational phase which might only take weeks, this is where most of the cost occurs. The planning team designs a well test to best achieve the objectives set by reservoir engineering. Along the way they identify issues which require specific well test design features, such as a service, special equipment or a procedure. These features are described in the planning documentation which will later be used to conduct the well test.

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