Working With Heat Exchangers - Questions and Answers


J. P. Gupta
 Publisher Hemisphere Publishing Corporation
 Date 1990
 Pages 607
 Format pdf
 Size 107 Mb

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One of the main advantages of a question-and-answer approach used by the author of this book, was the focusing of the attention of th readers on the specific point facilitating learning the answer more quickly, as the mind of the reader is not yet cluttered with much unrelated information. The publication is aimed to the newcomers to the industry, i.e. people having only few years of technical experience in design and operation of the heat exchangers, and will also be very helpful to students taking the design courses, to prepare for the examinations and find answers to more than a thousand of questions, However, it is not the right choice for the experts in this field, though they could also use this book to review the information and refresh their knowledge. The material presented in the book is quite self-explanatory and self-contained, making the book so easy to read. The book has been arranged in fifteen chapters covering shell-and-tube heat exchangers - general information and process design with and without phase change, augmented surface heat exchangers, heat exchangers designed for special services, plate and spiral plate exchangers, dynamics and optimization of the heat exchangers, applicable standards and codes, mechanical design issues and other important aspects.

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