A History of Seamanship

Author(s) Douglas Phillips-Birt
Publisher Doubleday & Company, Inc.
Date 1971
Pages 324
Format pdf
Size 38 Mb







This is one of the most successful and popular books on the history of seamanship. We all understand that it would be next to impossible to try and write a complete and truly comprehensive history of the seamanship in a single volume. However, the author of this publication has managed to provide readers with an excellent and very interesting work. The seamanship itself began so many centuries ago - no one knows when exactly but people believe that happened in the Stone Age.

The content of this book will lead the readers through the whole history of seamanship starting from the old-time boats and up to the modern nuclear powered ships navigated by electronics. What the author did is that he arranged the material presented to the readers in six separate chapters, each of them covering one particular period of the history. The opening chapter is dealing with the earliest days of seamanship while in the second chapter we move to the antiquity.

The last chapter covers the times of the mechanical revolution. The main body of the volume is supplemented with the compact glossary of seamanship terminology which will be definitely appreciated by the people relatively new to the maritime world. Numerous brilliant photographs and images are there to provide additional information making it even more interesting to read.

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