A Voyage for Madmen

Author(s) Peter Nichols
Publisher HarperCollins
Date 2002
Pages 322
Format pdf & epub
Size 5 Mb







Some fifty years ago, nine mariners set off on the absolutely most daring sailing race of those ever held. The idea was to perform a unique single-handed round-the-world voyage, and it was intended to be non-stop one, adding even more difficulty. It should be noted that no one had ever dared to accomplish such a trip before and they were the ones to change the very face of sailing.

However, the sad truth was that only one of them managed to complete the voyage successfully and have glory and fame, while the other eight people had no reward but the failure and even death. The author of the book, Peter Nichols, made a good attempt to tell the story of the subject voyage. The readers have already named this volume extraordinary since it chronicles the historic contest of the human against the ocean, the human without any contemporary electronic means of navigation, mobile communication, satellite service, positioning systems and other things like that.

The publication will be appreciated by the people with the interest in the maritime history and prominent people of the past times – needless to say that the story of those nine men deserves our attention, so read this book and you will be impressed. The book is presented in both pdf and epub formats.

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