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The present Accident Investigation Course has been offered by Marlins. For a start, the users are prompted to enter their names, vessel/office, seaman's numbers and ranks. However, note that this is optional, i.e. if you want to use the program for yourself not being a seaman, feel free to enter any letters and proceed.

The aims of this course are to consider different accident types and their immediate and underlying causes, examine the most important stages in the process of accident investigation, outline the characteristic of an effective investigation, and highlight reasons for doing accident investigation. There are five major chapters inside - accidents, incidents and near misses; accident causes; introduction to accident investigation, key stages in accident investigation, and a good investigation. The glossary will provide users with the explanation of key terms used in this course.

The course examines the core nature of the accidents and describes how the accidents usually occur; it provides users with the guidance on how to perform the effective investigation and highlights the techniques of the interviews and recording them. It is highly recommended by the developers of this course to spend about two hours working on it for proper understanding of the material and satisfactory completion and assessment.

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