Admiralty Manual of Navigation

Author(s) Great Britain Admiralty
Publisher Crown Publishing
Date 1914
Pages 460
Format pdf
Size 32 Mb







One more classic publication first released more than a century ago. The book was prepared and published by the Great Britain Admiralty with the intention to provide readers including future mariners with all information relating to the maritime navigation, and give it all in a single volume that can be used by all students even those having little to no skills and practical seagoing experience.

The content of the manual has been arranged in four major parts. The first part is dealing with the rhumb line and position line, it also covers finding the chronometer error as well as the times of rising/setting of the heavenly bodies. the second part of the book is mainly devoted to the pilotage and details all important matters. The third part addresses the movements of the ocean and the atmosphere - having a good understanding of the subject will play important role in provision of navigation safety.

Finally, the closing part of the manual provides readers with the clear descriptions of the instruments commonly used for maritime navigation; moreover, it also gives easily understandable explanations of how those errors can be allowed for or eliminated. Even after a century time we would still recommend this volume manual for familiarization to any mariner.

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