Alert 14 - Communication

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Let us find out today, what is it that makes our ships fully operational and what it is that makes the vessels safe to operate? Rules and regulations? Certainly. Proper management systems? Those too. Reliable well maintained machinery and equipment? Essential, obviously. But... you know there is something else that maritime industry relies on, and this is maybe most important thing of all - this thing is called "communication", and communication is something that will be communicated in the present fourteenth issue of Alert.

The ability of the people on board to effectively and properly communicate in writing and/or through verbal conversation is so important to both safety and wellbeing of the vessel's crew, ship passengers and visitors. We have to clearly understand that communication is not only something about talking and writing - it is about exchanging ideas, information and knowledge between individuals and between crew and management ashore, and for problem solving. Owners and operators of the ship provide tools for communicating on board, such as the phones, e-mail and internet facilities that should allow the crew members to keep in touch with their families... This short video film is to supplement the associated release of the Alert bulletin dedicated to the same problem.

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