Alert - Issue 30 - People Managers

Author(s) Alert
Publisher LR & The Nautical Institute
Date 2012
Pages 8
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The thirtieth issue of Alert bulletin, devoted to the people managers. The initial contact person for the persons willing to work at sea will most probably be a HRD, i.e. human resources department, member. Accordingly, the seafarers outside the vessel will have the crewing manager as the contact point.

That is the reason why the people involved in the management of seafarers' working lives shall not forget that these people are truly unique since most of the time they are aboard a vessel or floating structure and therefore subject to the caprices of the sea and the wind - they live, work and rest there, so far away from normal family life.

It is important for the crewing managers and maritime HRD not only to possess required HR practice knowledge but also to have due understanding of all challenges seafarers and their families face through the above mentioned separation - they shall provide a sort of link between the seafarer on board and his/her family ashore. The abbreviation HR and corresponding term Human are relatively new.

The people are considered vital to the eventual success of any operation and in any industry including shipping. People in charge of the people management shall have some key attributes like integrity and motivation, attitude and transparency and others considered critically important.

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