Alert - Issue 37 - Survivability

Author(s) Alert
Publisher LR & The Nautical Institute
Date 2015
Pages 8
Format pdf
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The thirty-seventh issue of Alert bulletin, this one is devoted to the survivability. Every single person engaged in the design, construction and operation of the vessels is automatically assigned a critical responsibility to ensure that no accidents will occur, and they are also considered responsible for the safety of the vessel and all people living and working on board.

It shall be noted that the term survivability does not only cover the lifesaving appliances, damage control, firefighting arrangements and shipboard security facilities. It is also important to have correct resources, adequate and effective training program and established procedures in place in order to ensure the ship safety and protection of the seafarers.

All seafarers shall be fully aware of the potential hazards associated with working on the vessel, particularly flood and fire risks, enclose space entry, up to the maritime terrorism and piracy. In addition, they should be aware of the different psychological effects of negative experience at sea and know where to seek support and advice.

Regularly conducted training and drills are extremely important - this is not only to satisfy relevant SOLAS requirements but also to make sure that the crew members know how to deal with all situations that may take place.

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