Alert - Issue 8 - Building

Author(s) Alert
Publisher LR & The Nautical Institute
Date 2005
Pages 8
Format pdf
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   Another issue of the Human Element bulletin. Inside this one the reader will find info on the safety in the ship newbuilding and ship repair industry, in particular, addressing the human factor during the new construction process, and various human factors relating to the engineering deficiencies. The actual need for a more robust vessels has also been addressed; in addition to the above, the authors included some info about building platform management systems based on the UCD - user centered design - concept. Once they reach their new vessel, their expectations are of a ship that is 'fit for purpose' - that is, designed and constructed having the user and the operational task in mind and, of course, noting environmental conditions that it will encounter during its working life.

   Few, if any, of the crew members are involved in the process of design and build, yet these are the people who are going to work and live within the ship. It is the crew - and not just the senior officers - who will first spot those irritating design errors, some of which may not be readily identified until sea trials; but which could so easily be rectified before commissioning, such as: critical lines of sight obscured by machinery or equipment pieces, various furniture; poor leads for ropes and wires; tripping hazards around the decks; doors that open onto narrow working alleyways; handrails installed too close to the bulkhead; poor access and removal routes for the machinery and equipment, etc... This short training video may be used as the useful supplementary material.

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